calm, romaine calm

WYDAH Approaches

Yours is the body
The hands and the feet
And Yours are the eyes to look compassionately

To bless you and me
He will bless you and me

This time I have a good excuse for not writing sooner - ever since we hit ground zero week for my planning of the World Youth Day at Home for our diocese, I've been burning the candle, or at least the modern lights, at both ends.

Tonight I had a major headache, and in the middle of looking up information for a part of our prayers, I was struck by a relevant fact: St. Theresa of Avila is the patron sake of headache sufferers. I asked for her to pray for me, and my headache did ease a great deal, allowing me to finish a lot of necessary work.

It has been a blur - editing order of ceremonies documents, finding games, shopping for necessary items until moments before the stores close, and typing. So. much. typing.

During the thrift shopping for necessary items, I also found some great unneccessary finds. We finally found a crucifix that Paul really likes, so that's going in his office. We also found a very small Anne of Green Gables doll, which both Paul and I fell in love with at first sight - she's been added to our cabinet of curiosities. There are a small number of other great finds, as usual. I had intended to purchase something like the Anne doll on our honeymoon, but never found one that I liked, so she has come to me a little later than expected, but is greatly welcomed as a kindred spirit. I've had a little time to read Anne's House of Dreams to Paul this week, but unexpectedly had to end on one humdinger of a tragic note. I'm glad we've resumed the tradition of reading to each other, though typically these days it's Paul reading articles to me, and me reading Anne to him. So it seemed fitting to find her as we've been spending time with her again...

I've been finding a little new music recently, and I'm looking forward to finding more over the next few months, as well as occasionally re-listening to old favourites, like Jason Gray's Everything Sad is Coming Untrue album, which Paul and I listened to on our commute to games night. 

Tonight I took a break from my computers-and-packing toil and went to a games night with a recently made friend, a board games night that turned out to be mostly family, and we were greatly welcomed and enjoyed a lovely time with them. We also had a chance to play Wits and Wagers. I found it at Value Village last night for $8, though we played their game - still, a thrift score!

It has been absolute ages since I added any new LiveJournal icons here, but since I've resolved to post far more often, I've added more than a dozen 100x100 pixel masterpieces, including the "Romaine Calm" icon, which comes in handy days like today, as deadlines approach and life gets super nuts. I'm also hoping to return to my musical format, especially since I have so many new songs floating around in my head.

Go into the world
Showing how much He loves you
Walk in the world in meaningful ways,
He loves you, he loves you, Emmanuel on earth
No Loafing

Super Wolf Blood Blood Moon

Two nights ago, we were so tired we went to bed at 6pm. And here I was at 1am, wide awake, while Paul continued to sleep.  I made use of the time well, though. I'd been meaning to try out some iron-on transfers to fix a pair of jeans with the usual rubbing split hole. They were easy to iron-on, but they are a little stiff, not sure if I'll find them comfortable. I also spent some time ironing cheap tropical flowers for the WYDAH reception. So glamourous, me in my very stained winter nightgown, ironing fake flowers barefoot in the kitchen. I think it will be worth it to add some colour and pizzaz to the event though!

We finished the Series of Unfortunate Events, which I had forgotten the ending to by now, so it was nice to feel freshly surprised.

After getting into almond butter over the past few years, one of my favourite breakfasts is an almond butter and raspberry jam sandwich on toast, provided the raspberry jam is seed-free. One of the few food frills I am willing to pay extra for.

I ended up going to bed around 9am and getting up again at 2pm, and writing here at 4am, being very productive and annoyingly peppy. Thank goodness for the Send Later option in my emails. I can at least get my communications out at a reasonable hour, even if they were written in the middle of the night (and very, very poorly proofread, typically speaking.) I am sending the last major spurt of confirmation and question emails about World Youth Day at Home in the morning, and after a few more zip back and forth, I won't have more than a few more hours of work to do on the event before Friday - which is good, as I have some frightfully boring, but very exacting editing to do.

When I woke up yesterday afternoon, I found out that my grandma had fallen on Friday in the wee hours of the morning and broken her hip. One successful surgery later and she has a plate holding her hip together. Crazy things we can do with our bodies. I haven't spoken to her directly yet, but she's happy with her roommates and likely charming the socks off her nurses. In a crazy twist, there's actually someone else I know in the same hospital right now, and a cousin who just broke his finger... Plenty of health-care required, if you're related to me, apparently.

We still managed to play a fun little game of D&D last night, freeing a bunch of slaves from some nasty overlords and also liberating a rather large number of awesome magical treasures. Great fun.

Just after that, I happened to catch a message from a friend that there was a very cool blood moon. The eclipse was called a 'super wolf blood moon' and has only happened 3 times in past 2 centuries! A Wolf moon is the first full moon in January, and a Super Moon is closer to the earth than usual. The blood part is self-explanatory, I think. Paul and I poked our head out the back door to see it and it was indeed mostly covered over with a very rusty red. I can see why superstitious folk might have been scared of such a phenomenon, it does look like the colour of blood has washed over the moon. Of course as a woman I have a blood moon every month or so... so this was an even rarer super wolf blood moon with a side of actual blood, for me. People have associated the ebb and flow of tides and the moon with menstrual cycles for ages, though apparently this hasn't fully convinced the scientists at this point.

Since then I have worked on WYDAH and then tried to sleep, had to deal with a very bored dog, and then wrote a bunch of huge emails. At the time of writing, I am winding down from work, but not sure when I can wind down entirely for the night. Tomorrow I have a big day planned but we'll have to see how much energy I have after spending half the night working feverishly on things that simply must be done.
awaken me

Jack Frost Nipping At Your Windows

Some of our near neighbor cities are experiencing a cold snap, but we're just experiencing run of the mill -15° C to -20° C temperatures. With them, however, came a small set of absolutely stunning frost drawings on several windowpanes of my back french door - or in our case, general back door, after the renevation officially gave the back porch to our downstairs neighbor (we can still go there to leave, but don't have the key to enter... it's a slightly convoluted system but it works.)

I used an app called Adobe Capture which my good artist friend Corrina introduced me to several months ago, and was able to capture the three most beautiful specimens. I have always thought that lepidopterists (butterfly collectors) were a strange bunch in some ways, but also very logical in others - being able to capture that kind of beauty. I wonder what a pin board of frost would look like? I wonder if I could 3D print a pattern like this and keep the frost forever? I am often reminded in times like this of my friend Leah's astute assessment of my character in just a few words, "You're a beauty collector." I am honestly happiest when collecting, disseminating, discussing, and considering beautiful, orderly things. In words I can be creative, when the mood strikes me, but my ability to create art that is fully mine is lacking - which is why the discovery of this app - allowing me to capture and create from the world around me - has been such a fantastic opportunity. The app also allows me to pick out colours from any photograph. I'm finding myself very attracted to a rose shade of pink and a green that Google tells me is named Reseda green after a particular leafy plant at present. There are more names for all the colours than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio. As I was wikisurfing colour names, I thought that would be a good piece of advice for any colourblind individuals trying out those newfangled colour-seeing glasses.

Speaking of glasses, I'm on a project of moving to using contacts a lot more often. I've finally managed to take less than an hour to get the crazy things into my eyes... But I've whittled it down to less than 10 minutes now, which is a great victory. I kept them in for most of the day today.

Today was errandy. Various appointments and banks that didn't have anyone for walk-ins (I am always annoyed by this, as though the fact that the purpose of a bank is for tellers to interact with people, but when I'm literally there to offer you new business, nope, gotta book in advance. Sheesh. As a business person I find this insane, but anyway.) I also ended up at Ikea, only to find out that I'll still have to order the thing I wanted online - though I did get a chance to try their veggie hot dog, and it was way better than expected. Paul and I have agreed to go vegan for weekdays for Lent this year again, which I am on one hand looking forward to (delicious things) and on the other hand, a little apprehensive about, because it's HARD for me, as the main meal planner and cook, to make it work. Nevertheless, we both agree it's very good for us, so March and half of April could be looking very leafy.

The other major thing that happened today was the reintroduction of boots to the dog. Paul's had the car for two days, and despite my best efforts, because of the cold, Murphy has been bored out of his little doggie mind. Tonight I tried a new tactic with his booties - using cloth medical tape to keep them on. It worked better than most previous options. I still need to find a waterproof, sturdy tape that comes off fabric afterwards with little fuss - this has proven to be extremely difficult. Paul and I had a hilarious time attempting to get Murph to walk about in his boots without lifting and shaking his foot around, as dogs do. Some of this hilarity was caught on video, but by the end of the night Murphy was running full speed - and it was a much longer outing that usual. I have snow pants, a warm coat, great boots and thick socks - and I've added a soft scarf for days like this when the air hurts my face. (Why do I live where the air hurts my face? It is my heritage and my destiny!)

Tonight Paul retired early, and I finally watched Race, the movie about Jesse Owens. As my athlete dog might suggest, I am fascinated with the capacity for speed, and the film was an excellent one - hoping for another one tomorrow.