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Life of Musician

Nearly Extinct Species #12467: The Human Musician.

Specimen A: Female, Age 19. Currently not involved in any mating rituals, a departure from the norm.

-Generally likes to party on Saturday, going to restaraunts like Broadway Cafe for the ambiance and old-school music.

-Generally hates going to school on Monday morning and generally does as little as possible on Monday mornings regardless of how much crap is due.

-Generally goes to see one movie at a time, but in a departure from the norm, a member of the species went to see Princess Diaries, Bourne Supremacy, and Monty Python and The Holy Grail at the cheapest possible theatre.

-Generally is still not getting all the rules of first species counterpoint.

-Generally drinks a cup of sugar and cream tea in the early morning hours at school.

-Generally needs music to live.

-Generally has "discussions" with family on the only day that she is home, because.

-Generally hates being at home, being at school, and living on busiest days of the week.

-Generally will flirt with males of the same species and will be ignored.

-Generally will try to inquire how someone is doing and seem really pushy.

-Generally hates that.

-Generally wishes to be understood.

-Generally isn't.

-Generally uses one word a lot in LJ posts.

-Generally loves LJ friends because they're only there when I need them...

-Generally heals all such wounds in music, especially Switchfoot rock, Josh Groban pure sexclassical and Duke Ellington Jazz.

-Generally does not limit the delegation that life sucks to Mondays, but is making an exception.

- At 10:38am sings and headbangs "We've been blowing up, we're the issue, we're ammunition..." THANK YOU CC!

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