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Life of Musician

Nearly Extinct Species #12467: The Human Musician.

Specimen A: Female, Age 19. Currently not involved in any mating rituals, a departure from the norm.

-Generally likes to party on Saturday, going to restaraunts like Broadway Cafe for the ambiance and old-school music.

-Generally hates going to school on Monday morning and generally does as little as possible on Monday mornings regardless of how much crap is due.

-Generally goes to see one movie at a time, but in a departure from the norm, a member of the species went to see Princess Diaries, Bourne Supremacy, and Monty Python and The Holy Grail at the cheapest possible theatre.

-Generally is still not getting all the rules of first species counterpoint.

-Generally drinks a cup of sugar and cream tea in the early morning hours at school.

-Generally needs music to live.

-Generally has "discussions" with family on the only day that she is home, because.

-Generally hates being at home, being at school, and living on busiest days of the week.

-Generally will flirt with males of the same species and will be ignored.

-Generally will try to inquire how someone is doing and seem really pushy.

-Generally hates that.

-Generally wishes to be understood.

-Generally isn't.

-Generally uses one word a lot in LJ posts.

-Generally loves LJ friends because they're only there when I need them...

-Generally heals all such wounds in music, especially Switchfoot rock, Josh Groban pure sexclassical and Duke Ellington Jazz.

-Generally does not limit the delegation that life sucks to Mondays, but is making an exception.

- At 10:38am sings and headbangs "We've been blowing up, we're the issue, we're ammunition..." THANK YOU CC!
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"Generally loves LJ friends because they're only there when I need them..."

That's exactly why I love LJ friends. They are so great when you need someone to just say "It's going to be alright." They aren't as judgmental as some of my real friends. Who always feel they need to protect me. They can't judge me based on my past mistakes because all they know about are usually the current situations in my life. And if I become a neglectful friend, all I have to do is go to a few "add me" communities and I got a whole fresh new crop of friends. It's great. I don't know how a girl got by with out it!
It's a wonderful little resource. Fun to play with how many ways you can post.