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The Benefits to Descreensitizing

Must've done something right 'cause all these
Lights are green, man, they look like palm trees
And every time that song comes on it's about me

Man, yesterday was just the best. And so was today. And this whole weekend was great. And last week was good too. I am so blessed to have so much good to report.

And so much of the last few LJ entries were about being depressed, and having mental health issues, and just being sick in general. I mean, a few weeks ago I was sick for the third time in a row and I was just SO done with being sick (I think I still have a sinus infection but I'm dealing with that by going to the doctor ASAP, so...) but I'm finally well and starting to make positive life changes... And then there was a big job scare with Paul... and it turned out alright, thank God. So it hasn't been all rosy since the last time I posted, but the last little while has been great.

I've been busy gardening and planning my garden. I've got a gorgeous perrenial lily in this year, all my perrenials from last year came up. I was joking with Paul that Perrennials Provide Prolific Production. It really stretches one's gardening dollar to plant them, that's for darn sure. I'm not sure how much more garden I'll be able to put in this year, though I am going to attempt to plant some pea plants, since we were eating peas that sprouted and I figured I might as well go ahead and make the best of that, so they're on the windowsill with damp paper towel until I can get around to planting them in the plugs. (That's what they call the plants you grow in the little four or six-pack things, for the un-initiated.) My tomatoes are in, I've tried to

My big accomplishment from last year is that we had some really big bald spots on our lawn, and I did a bunch of work to get the grass to grow in, and boy did it ever. Unfortunately the weeds are back in full force in the front lawn, despite last year's landlord-provided pesticides. But then most of you have heard my rant about lawns... Since we're renting I put lots of work into them as a repayment for all the amazing things our landlords provide us with. They're pretty fantastic. (We just got a new range hood recently when the fan gave up the ghost, for example.)

I've realized that I'm not getting anywhere with meal planning at the moment, so the fridge is full of vegetables, the fruit plate on the tea cart is packed with fresh stuff, and the pantry has all the easy stuff like rice. And the biggest reason for that this week is that I have FOUR consectutive shooting days, which hasn't happened since the year of the crazy sales. I can tell by my work trajectory that I'm definitely on track to do better than last year financially, which is desperately needed. Thank God for that, too.

This weekend was a Catholic Retreat that I co-ordinated at Pigeon Lake with the help of Sister Mary Clare, who graciously ensured the cabin was available for us. The bugs were a little thick, but the lake was beautiful and I left feeling like all the work I had done to provide meals and reflections was appreciated and made a difference, which is an amazing feeling.

It's like, ooh
Maybe I should bottle my moves
Sell 'em for a dollar or two

Furthermore, the following day was the freezie sale day at the giant church festival, Pentecost Feast to celebrate Easter coming to a close and summer opening up to great things. We had purchased 120 freezies, which we ran out of in two hours, and then when I bought 60 popsicles, we sold out of those in less than 20 minutes. I've never felt like any booth anywhere has had that level of success, and it made me feel like it was summertime! I spent several hours making VERY colourful neon yellow signs with sticky letters, which did cost a few dollars, but should be reuseable (once I get a few more letters to replace damaged ones and mactac the whole thing - years of use!) and since this is now very definitely an annual affair, I'm happy to report that our booth is one of the most popular with the kids. I had a really great day despite some lack of sleep, too.

Recently I've been resolving to de-screensitize myself. More specifically, it's actually less about the computer than about the constant need I feel to be entertained. I always want something on in the background, YouTube or Netflix or even music, though that's not so much of an issue. I really need more downtime from that. It's time for a summer of entertainment provided mainly by D&D in person, board games, books, and other humans, amazing as they are!

Better yet, I have a busy summer of camping, cabins, and couples time ahead. We're going to spend a total of five weekends away camping or at a cabin, and one at a marriage retreat. It's busy but really good. I'm praying for good health and weather!

Fiesta, forever!

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