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Re-Post from Facebook - CPC

Some of you on my friends list may not know a lot about my involvement with CPC, Canada Photo Convention over the past few years. I started out as an attendee, immediately became the first volunteer and ran the tradeshow, and then slowly became the second-in-command of the conference and head of the The Floor @ CPC. For the last two days, it was our first conference in Toronto and 5th in total.

I just spent about four hours steeped in CPC social media after a half-day nap and I am overwhelmed with joy. I am so proud of what we are doing here. I am so proud to follow in my high school Mr. Brown’s footsteps in creating a safe, honest space at CPC.

I am also unbelievably excited, as a classically educated artist, to be part of an art collective. (Most art historians would agree that art collectives are key to social change. This feels intimate, but the ripple effect is huge.) I am so proud, as someone with a fine art degree, to be a voice in that collective. What an honour.

CPC is not so much conference as family.

Every conference we host is like a wedding - a marriage of the minds where you learn more about people than you wanted to know, the parties are legendary, and the dancing goes late into the night. The Vancouver con and Toronto con are not just season bookends but family reunions, holidays where we grow in knowledge and in caring about each other.

Jasser and I have been having a lot of meetings in my kitchen while our dogs sleep in various patches of sunlight, and we’ve got more coming. So much more.

CPC. The Alpha Wolf Award. That thing I can’t tell you about. That other thing I can’t tell you about.

I am so pumped to running covert ops for all the CPC folks on site and all year round.

Dave Chueng asked how do I do it? By the end, I’m running on love. Because I truly, deeply care for all of you.

Thanks for giving me a place to belong.

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