jump for joy, elephant trampoline

Burning The Candle Normally

If every man became a king,
We could do more than just dream
Well I feel, I feel, the change is here
We owe this to ourselves

Some days I get up early, some days I stay up late, but every day I find myself moving more quickly, feeling like life is happening right now. My feet move faster around the house than usual.

Some days I am up until 4am working, some days I am getting up at 6am to work. I'm burning the candle one end on one day and the other end on another, but never at both ends on the same day...

Keeping up the energy after my incredible business weekend has been a full time job, along with all the other work I'm accomplishing. Plus I've been making time to enjoy life, too. I went to my second ever poetry slam and enjoyed some really hard-hitting beat poetry. I'm hoping to read there some time.

In my personal life, I'm working a lot on taxes, and the house is in show condition for the people who are coming to take a look at the place to take it when we leave at the end of the month. We've got someone coming to take a look at it tonight, though I am in a meeting and Paul will be the one handling that one. These days I'm aiming to pack 1-3 boxes a day whenever I'm home, which isn't always.

Paul's car has finally bit the bullet, unfortunately after we just made about $400 worth of repairs to it - of course, they were the right decision at the time, as was buying a car that cheap. We think the transmission has probably gone (it's revving through the roof in park now and not much better in drive with the brakes on.) We've decided it's time to get something else going, since this is making some waves in my otherwise straightforward life and I am pretty mobile with meetings and such these days.

So this weekend will likely include a little bit of car shopping. Blessing of blessings, we actually could spend a grand outright on a car with some life left in it without toppling the world if we're really careful. I'm going to do my best to make as much money as possible over the next few months to enable it all. Plus getting in taxes soon so we can get a bit of a refund hopefully.

I've been feeling really grateful for some of the things my parents taught me growing up - like that I can talk to all human beings, regardless of age or status. I remember I was quite old when I realized that race was a really big thing that separated people, because it wasn't something my parents often observed as a separation. I thought only a very few people saw race as an impediment, and I am glad to see more people of my generation deciding not to let it be one. I've had several friends get engaged recently to people born across the world from them... I love diversity. Seeing interracial couples, or people coming together across any great divide, it all makes me smile so wide...

Paul says he's been feeling particularly loved lately - even though I'm this busy, I'm making sure that his needs are provided for because his needs are still the most important thing in my life. In turn, I feel comfortable and full of love towards him. As I said to him the other day after he ceremoniously put my ring on my finger when I'd forgotten it on my desk, "I'd marry you all over again." I meant it, too. Our fifth anniversary is coming up!

Professionally, I am swamped - but in a good way. I had a really fun session yesterday where we wandered around on the ice and took some icy wasteland explorer/eskimo photos, which was a lot of fun.  I had a wedding meeting today which was promising - and then while I was writing this post, they emailed to book with me, and I was supposed to have a meeting this afternoon that got cancelled due to illness - which is okay, I have enough work to do…

I've got a lot going on for Last Resort - I've been working on a couple of classes due for release soon, one called Massive Priority Shift which is all about how to plan your next two weeks, and another for Gmail email management.

Tonight I meet with Jasser to talk about the new initiative we're starting for the CPC Tradeshow, so that's exciting.

Next week I'll be in Edmonton and then in Calgary and then in Regina for most of the week, where I'm visiting a friend and spending a bit of time in nose-to-grindstone work for Last Resort.

It seems like things fly on and off my plate with great speed - and I'm feeling bright eyed and taking big bites out of life. My focus is really sharp.