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Taking The Day by the Tasks

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Changes are taking the pace
Today is a big accomplishment day. Sadly it started around 2am when I woke up after only 5 hours of sleep, but sometimes you take what you can get.

  • I finally sent out a ten page, content-heavy document to the Sponsors for CPC

  • I finished writing some intense advertising copy

  • I wrote the Kijiji ad for our current basement suite, which made me appreciate how it's not been a bad place to live at all

  • I wrote a detailed outline for the first course I plan to release for Last Resort

  • I put through a load of laundry

  • I packed up the books that need to go to the library

  • Our freshly bathed dog desperately needed a hair removal brushing, so I cornered him into it. He was not pleased, but I sure was. Then I used a lint roller on the couch.

  • I have an appointment with my assistant to work on new stuff

  • and I am determinedly tackling almost everything on my HabitRPG list.

Unfortunately I'm supposed to be resting, but when I have the kind of energy and drive it takes to get these things done, I can push the rest forward a few hours as long as I still rest.

Yesterday wasn't bad for accomplishments, either, but more on the personal side - I got some of the photos of the house taken for putting the rental we're in back on the market and I was at therapy for the first time in ages discussing some of the big events that have been happening lately and how they're affecting my mood. It was kind of eye opening, stacking all the changes in the past few months and the coming ones together and realizing there's possibly even more change afoot than there was when I first got married. The biggest thing is that the vast majority of these changes are really good news, which in itself is also a change. Arghhh.

So basically, ch-ch-ch-changes... and now I'm starting to get tired, so I'm thinking of joining the lounging dog in his couch spot for awhile, then maybe reading a book and having a snack. It's the simple things that can help you get back on track...
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