newsong (newsong) wrote,

Changes to Plans

If I ever get around to living,
It's gonna be just like I dreamed
I'm gonna take the love I'm given
And set it free

Yesterday we had our tea, but unfortunately only two friends made it out, a couple whose wedding I shot last year that's become friends with us. They're some of the first people we know who have been directly affected by the oil price crashing, their jobs as environmental scientists aren't keeping them too busy right now... It was nice to talk to them again, and it was particularly nice that we spend time cleaning up in the house - we're now ready to take some photos of the place for advertising it and starting to get ready to move at the end of March. 48 days.

After our tea, we ate supper and then chatted on Skype with Mark and Moira. We've been trying to make Skype a more frequent part of our lives as a way to keep in contact with friends and family.

Announcing to friends about our plans to start the adoption process in May has this odd feeling to it, especially since most of our friends are announcing pregnancies these days. I've been telling people that we're going to apply in May, and then sometime in Fall or Winter 2015-2016 we'll probably have the children of our future family come home to live with us. At this point, that's about 9-12 months away that we might be looking at bringing children into our home - so it feels more real when we talk about it now, less like the future and more like the now.

Today was truly a day of rest, both Paul and I barely did anything and napped most of the day. A lot of work has really sprung up for me, so I've ammended my plan to have Sabbatical time in February and pushed it back to spring. I have packing to do and work for the CPC and Last Resort... It's really not a great time to take a bunch of time off. But I am going to do everything at a more relaxed pace than I usually might.
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