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If home is where the heart is
Then my home is where you are

It's that time of year where, despite consistently lovely winter temperatures (hovering at zero, or 32 for you weirdos south of us) it begins to be difficult to cope with it all. Thankfully I did something really awesome for myself - I planned a long weekend which was going to consist of sleeping in as long as I wanted and doing things around the house.

Sleeping? Check. I've slept a ridiculous amount and boy does it feel good. Housework? Finally got to a bunch of that today. I've done at least part of the process of organizing laundry, dishes, the pantry, my white cabinet, books, and more.

Meal planning has been going exceptionally well lately because I've been very honest with myself about what I am able to accomplish when it comes to making food for myself and I've been allowing myself to eat out whenever the busy gets too much to manage. I am so proud of the progress we've made with meal planning lately, the habits are really starting to get ingrained. Next I'm going to try to tackle some of the other big issues, one of which being our dish issue - there's always quite a few dishes sitting around in our space.

I'm still loving this HabitRPG thing, too. If I had known a tiny pixelated pet could motivate me... wait, I kind of knew that from my NeoPets days.

I realize most of you have never seen our place and we're about to move again, so I figured I'd make a little storyboard to show you a bit about where we live.

Our teeny tiny kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and the office and living room. There's also a little storage just off the kitchen under the stairs to the right of the picture with the fridge and stove, and just outside of the photo of the living room to the left is a door to the furnace room, where we have a few things stored as well. I've also included a shot of how my desk usually looks (better or worse, but usually around this level of low chaos) and the usual placement of the Murphy when I'm working on the computer and he's okay with occasional pestering. This particlar set of photos was taken moments before we had guests for one of our tea parties a few weeks ago.

Our home in Terwillegar
our home in terwillegar 2

Last weekend around this time I was teaching my very first NAIT Photography student. It was a really cool experience and I enjoyed showing her a few of the ways that I deal with photos and business. When I was having a Last Resort meeting with the ladies who own the studio I have a trade-for-service membership in, I met another student and she sat in on our talk about digital contracts, so that was pretty cool too.

This last week I had tons of meetings - I gained two new Last Resort individual clients, worked two days temping at the office I always work at, shot a great boudoir session which I finished editing right away, and ended up talking to Jasser about my future working with the Canada Photo Convention. We've got another meeting coming up as well. So in short, I've had a lot of meetings. There's about half a dozen or more coming up next week, too, some personal, some for business.

We'll be officially starting the adoption process in May after we've moved. This week we'll hopefully get to talk to a lady who has been a foster parent for many years - her daughter, one of my photography clients, is her only biological child, but they've had nearly a hundred short term foster kids in their home over the past 20 years. I'm sure she'll have a ton of wisdom to share with us.

When my student came, I dithered about just how much to clean up the home, office, and the home-office-junk drawer hybrid that my car tends to be. It's tough when I'm busy like this. I'm making some minor improvements, but maybe it's best to show my real life. I decided ages ago that "passable" was my qualification for how much work to do before allowing someone to see my place of residence. It's okay with me that my home looks lived in. I mean, I have standards. The mouldy bread went out with the trash days ago. But some clutter, a little stain on my desk, a pile of business cards I haven't dispensed with yet, those things are fine. I think I've come to peace with passable.