christmas kermit

There Are Plenty of Moose on the Tundra

If we had a little time maybe we could go on a trip? (A trip?)
If we had some more time maybe we could go on a ship! (Yeah!)
On a lovely afternoon we could go and look at some art !
We could jump into the picture, it would make us feel really smart! (Hahaha.)
If we had a little time maybe we could go to Peru!

If we had some more time maybe we could ride a canoe!
On a sunny afternoon we could go and walk in the park! (Okay!)
And if we were really brave we could go and swim with the sharks! (...I don't know about that.)

That song always makes me smile. It's very silly.

Speaking of silly things. Last night Paul and I went to the Jubilations Dinner Theatre's Sherlock. (Technically it was for my birthday. Rather very late than never.) I think the last time I went to a dinner theatre was a long, long time ago - possibly over a decade. I might have forgotten one or two. They were all awesome, I do remember. In any case, tonight's was extremely silly. It was somewhere on the spectrum between cabaret and local theatre, but it was certainly entertaining. Paul came in feeling grouchy about a hard day at work, and quickly started feeling jovial as the ridiculous singing and physical comedy commenced. I was a bit on edge, but it was good to enjoy a prime rib and a musical gongshow after a day of important business phonecalls and meetings and feeling stressed by the sheer volume of work to do this month despite it being ye olde January. My favourite quote, from the Mountie, was, "You'll find someone! There's plenty of moose on the tundra." There was a reference to iocaine powder, colourless, odourless, dissolves in any liquid... which Paul and I both loved. There was this great moment where the mountie's gun got snatched by the mastermind and he left a Tim Hortons coffee cup, and she basically shrugged and drank from it. Then he snatched her, and the cup had a moment in the spotlight by itself. You might have had to be there but it was great fun.

A few interesting developments!

Back in 2014 we decided to declare a new family holiday tradition called Cuddleween, which occurs annually (now that we decided so) as a bridge between Christmas and Valentines on January 14th. We celebrated by cuddling for an extended time, of course, eating gummy candies and watching Anne of Green Gables and drinking hot chocolate under fuzzy blankets with a sleeping Murphy, who was, of course, cuddled somewhat against his will as is house tradition, but he quickly settled down to cuddle of his own volition, so it ended up being a true family affair.

I am consumed with dreams of our new rental home - cuddling in it, gardening in the yard, working in my new office. I think about it every single day.

I've started using a very cool new life-made-game called HabitRPG. Essentially you are a small pixelated person in a world called Habitica, and all of the real life tasks and to dos that you input translate into game gold if you do them well, and a hit to your health if you're not achieving your goals. You can collect pets and food to grow them, go on quests with other gamers, and there are a ton of other things. The most interesting part of it all for me is that I've actually found a self-encapsulated motivational tool that helps me to feel keenly the importance of things that need to be done around the house. I'm becoming a pretty big fan because it's actually really effective. I've found that it's helping me to make a habit of something that has long eluded me - breaking up chores into smaller bits. The fact that each bit allows me to press the button and gain gamecoins is a big draw, and so getting up to hang up a few pieces of clothing is actually much less difficult to do than it was before I started being a little pixel person on a quest, and I no longer feel like I have to do the whole chore beginning to end to feel like I've accomplished something. I am really glad I've discovered it and suspect it will be a part of my daily routine for some time to come. It's also helping me to see just how big a difference planning meals has made in our lives. Actually, we have data on this - we spent almost 3 grand less on food in 2014 after starting meal planning than we did in 2013 - pretty crazy!

You guessed it. Regular daily blogging is a habit I have listed for HabitRPG. Get it today. Or the Abominable Stressbeast wins.

I am taking on a NAIT Photography student for the first time - she'll be coming with me on Sunday to an open air photobooth that promises to be busy, so it's good to have an extra pair of eyes and ears on hand, and it's a bit out of town, so she can talk to me on the way there and back. It's a good way for me to rekindle the love I have for photography, I've been feeling uninspired by it lately - mainly because it's taking time away from the Last Resort development that's so close to my heart right now. I've let myself get overloaded purely because I want to do what I want to be doing and not everything I have to do...

I have several meetings upcoming with various individuals about becoming my client or helping me to get some small angel investments to get me into the offices of potential clients. In the meantime, there's two potential clients I'm speaking to soon and a handful of others about presentations to roomfuls of potentials. It's a good start anyway.

It has finally been announced that I will be speaking alongside some of my very favourite people at CPC Toronto in October. I'm already nearly done my presentation and I think it's going to be pretty awesome.

I am taking today and tomorrow off because I've been working for ages and will be working for at least six straight days on major assignments this coming week, several of which are extremely important to Last Resort. The only thing I will probably do is give my health insurer a call and work out the system kinks.

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