christmas kermit

Working Late

One thing's for sure
The more they tell us no
the more we'll try to make it work

These last few days have been the product of insomnia, which at least has had the effect of getting a load of work done. I've been working a lot on presentations for Last Resort, as well as strutures and pricing and all sorts of fun stuff that should allow me to gain some new clients in the next few weeks as I begin presenting to small groups.

I posted a big rebuttal to a 10 Tips for Entrepreneurs post that's been going around on LinkedIn and Facebook that's been making me cringe every time I see it. It's the same old bad advice that everyone gives entrepreneurs.

I went to book club on Saturday night, the book club my friend Ashley started last year after she quit her job at a bookstore. I've been really enjoying all the great new books I've found, and especially loving the conversations about them, it's been a highlight of my Edmonton time, and now it looks like my friend Erin might join as well, so I'd see a bit more of her.

Looks like the proof of my book of poetry is finally ready at the library, which has been almost 6 months coming. I started putting it together in early summer - it's a look back at my poetry-writing days of yore, and I think a lot of my friends and family will appreciate it.

I've started something a little silly, but it does motivate me. There's a website called HabitRPG which integrates your daily habits and routines into a game of sorts. It motivates me because I am easily amused, and it gives me a health indicator - which is a nice reminder of something not easily seen.

Today I did a ton of housework (packed up the Christmas ornaments, recycling, dish prep and sorting, laundry, dog poo cleanup and such), called an important client and made some progress, stuck to my meal plan with a delicious farmer sausage meal, and by far the most exciting of all, booked my flights to Vancouver for the Canada Photo Convention. Between seat sales and Air Miles we managed to get roundtrip flights for less than $250 a person, which is freaking amazing. I might even get to see several friends and family members while we're in town. It was one of those days I have about every ten days or so where I get a ton done - except my hope is that days like this are going to become more frequent as I adjust to using this HabitRPG thing and looking at expanding my ideas of what Last Resort can be as a business.

Tonight the farmer sausage smells amazing, the dog is sleeping happily on the couch (he's barely budged all day) and I'm feeling rather triumphant after a good day.


When Paul came home tonight, we ate our delicious planned meal, talked about the role of women in the church, and then played Survive, a board game that he used to play when he was a kid involving a flood, a volcano, sharks, dolphins, whales, and sea serpents, islands and boats, and teeny tiny people, whose fate rests in your hands - and those of your enemies! It was a ton of fun, and I'm glad we had a chance to play it. So all in all, it's exactly the kind of evening I would love to have more of.