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The Bestest Best Day Ever So Far

It's a beautiful day
Don't let it get away

Yesterday was one of my best days ever, and since I really try to put all the important things down here, sometimes that means chronicling an entire day, when it was this amazing.

It started early in the morning, with me packing up the car for the drive to Edmonton. I pumped the tunes, went through the drive through and had a McDonald's sausage-and-egger breakfast (a guilty pleasure of mine) on the road, and drove in the perfect blue sky on the perfectly dry, safe, and basically empty highway. Partway there, I started listening to my newest favourite fantasy book series with a fantastic heroine mercenary, which held my rapt attention for some hours, until I decided I wanted to give my Gran a call. Previously I'd had tons of problems with my bluetooth headset falling out, but I realized that my special earbuds from my Bose headphones actually fit into it, so now I can throw them on there when I travel long distances, and replace them on my headphones afterwards. I had a lovely 2 hour chat with her once I passed the halfway point of the drive, which made my trip decidedly shorter, as conversations are wont to do. I ended that conversation feeling warm and fuzzy - and getting excited for what was next in my day.

Mad science.

You see, for months now I've been planning a session with an amazing couple that I'm working with for their wedding - an epic session that took that long to plan and execute. I'll link later to the products of that session, but I have to tell you that of all the collaborative creative projects I've ever worked on with couples, this one ranks right up there. I was the creative director, watching an idea that had slowly germinated come to life in glorious full colour and 3D, and I said at least once, "I can't believe this is actually happening." The best part was how much work the couple put into everything, too. It was a total success.

I came off of that 4 hour, multi-location fantasy session on an incredible high - and very hungry because I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast, as I was running that kind of almost-late-on-time schedule that doesn't leave stopover time. I threw on my bluetooth and called Paul to tell him how amazing my day was.

I grabbed a sandwich at the drive-through, which I shouldn't have bothered to do, because I was headed to the Awesome Foundation's Pitch Party. For those of you not familiar, the Awesome Foundation is a world-wide phenomenon where 10 people get together in a city, each giving $100 of their own money into a $1000 pot to fund a great idea - they narrow down submissions to the five best, and then give one of those submissions the $1000 - no strings attached - trusting that they will use it to enable the project they pitched. I pitched there a while back, and though I didn't win, it was an amazing experience. I've been to a few events since. All 5 of the projects were amazing, and I was able to forge relationships with two exceedingly cool couples who would be interested in having coffee sometimes, gave some advice to some of the presenters that both they and I thought were inspired and would help them achieve their project goals, and I ran out of business cards - after I'd given my last one out to the last person I wanted to give one to. I wanted to be involved in all the amazing projects - a school's creative living wall hydroponics project, beekeeping awareness in Edmonton, filling store windows in particular shopping locales with junk-sculptures by local artists, teaching guitar to inner-city kids, and a Carnival market!

Finally, I headed out to my friends and former clients house, where a cousin and friend of theirs had just arrived, and we talked and played Cards Against Humanity and made "what she said" jokes and laughed until our sides hurt all the way to 2:30am. While they were playing a video game for a bit, I checked my email, to see that I had four wedding inquires in one day, a new record, as well as an inquiry from someone wanting to hire me for a three day conference, someone filling a need for the CPC conference that I'd requested, and more awesome important emails that made me happy!

Pretty much the worst thing I can say about my day yesterday is that my Earl Grey from McDonalds wasn't hot enough to steep properly and was therefore mediocre. I spent much of the day slightly faint but not really feeling hungry, but I barely noticed. Absolutely every other detail about my day went flawlessly.