flying paper


If I lose myself tonight
It'll be by your side

A lot of things have been accomplished since I went nocturnal.

The thing which has most definitively not been accomplished is getting back to daytime. Remarkably, relatively little has happened that would dissuade me from my opposite clocking, but the need for seeing other people is coming back, and along with it a need to see the sun for more than an hour a day.

So I thought I'd go for staying up all day today and spending time with Paul on half-a-brain, and hoped that would end better than the last time I tried it, when I gave up and just went to bed at 9am. Regardless, the later I stay up, the closer I'll get to rounding the corner back to daytime the easy way - staying up later and later. In the end it turns out I had a nap for a couple of hours at noon and proceeded with my day after Paul's phone rang twice and the dog came to pester me because he was in the other room napping on the couch… I'm very happily not going outside into the gusting -20 degree windchill. I spent most of today puttering on the internet and collecting new recipes from the internet (watch out for an amazing beef barley soup coming to my kitchen this week) and letting Paul have a long nap. When he awoke, I had a lovely meal ready for us and after we ate, we spent some time working on my big going paperless project that's been several years in the making. We've sorted nearly an entire filing cabinet as of today, and I have started on huge boxes of papers to scan that I'll be giving to my assistant later this month - so things are going well!

I need your love, I need your time
When everything's wrong you make it right
I feel so high, I come alive
I need to be free with you tonight
I need your love

The biggest thing about being nocturnal is that with the no-distraction environment, I'm finally doing a ton of work (over 40 hours for sure so far) on the concept and execution of all the tools related to products - like a catalog and visualizing materials. Long overdue. I just set up a photo shoot space to work with some of my products for promotional photos and I might try selling some promotional product photos this month too since I could use a little income during the slow season, but after I finally get around to that I'll be able to give clients a much easier road to buying products with me. They'll still have the option to purchase elsewhere, but I'll be increasing my market share for sure! It's been something I've needed a proper solution to for ages, and now thanks to having a reliable staff person who goes through all the work I give her like Pac-man on fast-forward, I am rapidly moving towards a state of true equilibrium with work.

Whenever we're together, Paul and I have been watching videos about tiny homes like they're going out of style. We exclaim, we bounce up and down at good ideas, and we're starting to grow a small seed of true excitement for loving and living in our very own home - and making it an amazingly useful space. We have plans to check out the showroom of a company that makes extremely versatile furniture - like a table that converts from a side table to a dinner table for 12 which we think is truly fantastic - we were super pleased when we found out there are many Canadian showrooms for their company. I've developed a bit of a Pinterest habit, too, as I surf Lifehacker and other sites for amazing ideas.

I've got a grand project in mind for my sabbatical. I want to get some glass etching cream and glass containers from Dollarama for a lot of our powdered kitchen supplies - like boullion, which I've been using more and more in my effort to cook from scratch. In my dream, an etched chicken and cow will tell me which of my containers has the respective boullion in it... and the others will have titles and symbols on them. This is a practical use for my love of papercutting - just get a roll of vinyl and some etching cream and voila, you have beautiful glass etchings for personal use and for gifts.

We've been using a handy-dandy HDMI converting cable from the laptop to watch TV on our actual TV, which we are also considering dispensing with entirely come the new home. I've spent about a lifetime watching Castle episodes, which has been grand fun.

I'm also thinking that if I keep working at anywhere near this pace, I might have an even longer sabbatical this year, which would be really handy considering the plans to move soon.
Sounds like you're making exciting strides! :D

We should do glass etching together, that sounds super fun!! I have contact paper, would that work instead of vinyl? (You know, the clear sticky plastic)