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A Journey of 10,000 Days Begins With a Single Day

We found love in a hopeless place

Today I am 10,227 days old. It's my birthday. I was originally born on a Tuesday. My Mom assures me it wasn't a pleasant experience for either of us, but we got through it.

This past year has seen some really great moments for me. I finally feel like a real pro as a photographer most of the time, and I'm content that photography will be a long term job, after some doubts earlier in the year. I am happy to be moving back to Edmonton, getting better at not expecting too much from myself, and generally improving in many ways.

I've surprised my husband with everything from flowers to a limo ride to a nice restaurant on an otherwise normal day (that was a few weeks ago - totally forgot to blog about it, but it was fun - thank goodness for IOUs from friends) to whisking him away from his work for a movie. He's said that I'm a pretty good wife. That makes me very, very happy. I make him very happy. We're doing pretty good considering all the stresses that have made this year more difficult than we had hoped.

As always, I find this time of year to be full of self-assessments, life assessments, and all manner of considerations. And this year, as opposed to past years, I am very comfortable with where I am going. Not where I am at, per se, though I have no condemnation about it. I just feel like the trajectory of my life, here heading towards that big 30, is pretty good. I'm way farther ahead in my career than I thought I would be at this point and finding ways to feel valuable as an artist. I am maintaining and cultivating lasting, excellent friendships and investing more time with family than I used to - and I'm proud of that.

After 2012 being a pretty horrible year, 2013 has been pretty great! Debts are being repayed, I've had an epic Carnival Birthday party, which I should probably share a little about! I had about 15 stations of coolness, including my awesome friend doing caricatures, popcorn and lemonade, and all kinds of games - a ton of people really enjoyed themselves, including families! It was so amazing to see the people I know and love enjoying themselves so much. The games were a big hit, and I'm quite serious about creating a very small side business running Carnival Birthday parties later in wintertime. It would be a great way to make me happy and give me something fun to do every few weeks in winter if it pans out. I'm looking forward to enjoying the pictures from the Carnival, which I plan to look at tomorrow.

I have a ton of carnival prizes left, and my plan is to pack them up into about 5 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child and make some more happy days. =)

I've found good moments in many days. I've overcome a ton of hangups.

I've come a whole heck of a long way in the past several years. I am a totally different person than I was when I was in high school or University. I've softened, in good ways, a lot of hard edges. I am less certain than I used to be, and I give people a lot more grace. I find myself wandering through old memories and being surprised at who I have become. Puzzled, even, sometimes. But on this journey of 10,000 days I find myself feeling rather content with my progress. I'm getting better at this life thing. I might even be ready to start passing on some of the secrets to some kids sometime soon.

I've collected a bunch of really good quality people in my family and friends. I've found solid faith again after several years of feeling uncomfortable in what I believed. I've gone through hours and hours of therapy, been told almost everything I thought about was wrong, and accepted it, moved on from it, and found some good things.

I've finally had my own husband, dog, house, and my own business and felt like I was managing all of them as well as can be expected most of the time.

I feel successful. I think I'm doing okay. I think that's pretty amazing.
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