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The Meat? You Can't Handle the Meat!

I'm on the up and up,

I'm not giving up

On what I know I'm capable of

Life continues to move at a slower pace than I am used to, and that is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Not only that, but 2013, at nearly the halfway mark, has totally blown 2012 out of the water. I am glad of this, I am not sure I could have managed another year with that much stress.

So much has happened! Sometimes I go for ages without any big news to post, but not this time!

The last 2.5 weeks have had all sorts of great stuff going on. Ricki had her twins, and they are doing well growing up in the NICU - I had taken her maternity photos with just two days to spare as it turned out. In my first ever visit to the maternity ward since I myself was born, I was privileged to be one of the first people to see the two little daughters who I will get to watch grow up, and take photos of them - the nurses were very patient with my beast of a camera coming in for that purpose. But being identical twins I'm sure we'll have to get them used to shutters quickly!

That weekend was chock full of visiting. Corrina and Brian came over and I introduced them to Arrested Development and we had a BBQ steak supper, and I also had coffee with my friend Quinn from my music department days on campus (she was in the same vocal studio) and there was all sorts of wonderful things happening. All in all that weekend was fabulous!

Paul and I have been enjoying the internet comedian/all-around-guy Ze Frank's True Facts series on animals with… strange reproductive or mating habits… It's hilarious. We laughed so hard our sides hurt and there were tears rolling down our faces.

I also took some time the following weekend after a lovely family session with the gentleman who helped us with our flat tire a few months back, then I enjoyed a garage sale on our nice new garage saleable yard - complete with a big thing of lemonade so I have ticked the lemonade stand off my personal to do list. (I am drinking some more powdered lemonade just now. It's delicious.) My very first customer was a cute little girl. =) I sold about $40 worth of random junk - which is about what I paid for the materials for the garage sale - and I plan on setting some stuff out soon.

We visited the auction for the second time, and that time was golden. We have now spent $700 at the Auction - on goods worth $3000 or more. We now have a flatscreen TV and a speaker for it, as well as DVD player, completing our home entertainment centre trifecta. We have a fixer-upper elliptical which I am going to start work on fixing soon and a dozen other items from a cooler that plugs into a car outlet to keep food cold on the road ($30 to save me hundreds in restaurant meals) and rechargable batteries with a charger, and random foods like pickles, apple cider, individual size chips, and more. I'm not planning on going back for a bit, but it's a great place to find some amazing deals.

I had the privilege of having two days of back to back partying - first for Ricki's birthday party, which like a trouper she attended despite recent surgery - since the babies are at the hospital, she is only able to see them a few times a day. We played Apples to Apples with some of her assorted friends at Jessie's new place, which is less than a kilometre away from us. The very next evening I had the pleasure of visiting a housewarming party with Jen Revering, whose friends and the friends of her roommate were very fun to talk with - so fun in fact that I stayed out until 2am, which is no longer my usual. My favourite part of that evening involved meeting someone I really connected with who lives just outside Edmonton with her 6 month old son while her husband is usually at work out of town. She has offered me the use of her spare room when I am in town, which is extremely convenient! I hope to stay with her in my upcoming weekend of work. I had a lot of fun at both parties and can only conclude that my friends pick good friends.

It is finally June, which means that we have finally completed the sale of Paul's condo and got a whopping five-figure direct deposit, with which we started paying our most pressing debts immediately. I am pleased to report that since this was finalized my stress is down to record lows. As a celebration, yesterday we checked out the Saboroso Brazillian Steakhouse, a newer restaurant in Saskatoon that Paul has been wanting to check out that serves a variety of slow roasted meats with sides by having the servers bring a dozen different cuts and flavours of meat around to your table - it was a really unique experience, though I am not sure I would go a second time. There's a strange feeling of worshiping at the altar of meat there for me with the ED, and the service, despite a ton of staff members working their butts off, was quite slow. Paul liked it more than I did and I would certainly not be disappointed if life took me there again I don't think!

Paul has been working very hard in the garden - and I have been working at the errands related to the garden, though other than a bit of weeding I haven't yet gotten my hands-in-gardening-gloves too dirty. We had a guy come in to rototill it and he said it was some of the finest ground he'd seen this season for a garden. We were pretty pleased to hear it as you might imagine.

Last but not least, I am in my second week of having a staff person, and not only are things getting done, but I am starting to relax into things a bit more! I have gotten a bunch of necessary work done, and I am basically fully caught up with my shooting and editing - though I still have a great deal of work to do on website related activities and marketing - but I will be working on that these coming weeks.

In other news, tonight I went to a critique with a bunch of other pro photographers in Saskatoon and I really enjoyed it - and I put my photos on my new 64gb jump drive. The world is changing! The last biggest I had was 8gb... Pretty crazy.

Oh man, True Facts makes me cry too from laughing so hard!! My favorite is True Facts about the Chameleon, but there are a lot of great ones!

Oooh that sounds so cool. Someday I want to go to an auction!! I've always wanted to but I've never done it. Someday please bring me along! :D

Way to go on making a contact in Edmonton area and on the new staff person! I'm glad everything is going more smoothly for you on the business side :) Just going up and up from here!