I have friends

A Grand Saved is a Grand Earned

See I know you’ve got your plans
'Bout your life and how to live it
You want two different things
But it’s getting hard to pivot
A steady life but such a bore
Or take a risk for something more
What kind of life would you like to be living?
The last few days have been an interesting time of transitioning back to work from Sabbatical, and it has been easier that I thought. In one sense, it's a bit of a relief to be back to work. One of the things I really made peace with on the Sabbatical is that I have a life full of never-ending housework ahead of me. I tried adjusting my perspective on the whole affair and it's worked better than I thought. I've found simple pleasure in getting the grime off a pan or stovetop, feeling the warm laundry come out of the dryer, and filling and emptying the dishwasher. The process of cleaning has become less repugnant to me through being more familiar, which I had never considered as a way of solving the issue. Familiarity has bred comfort in this case.
My stress health hasn't been great lately, and I've had to order a bout of my super-meds for the constant itch. I haven't needed it for several months, so I suppose I should be pleased - I suspect there are a number of factors to the recurrence, not the least of which being plain old day-to-day stress and some weather change. Though I am getting better at handling it, there is a new onslaught every few weeks. Meds have made the itching go away though! It's amazing how fast-acting it is. I was itchy all day, took the meds, eventually noticed the itch was gone. Miracle of miracles.
Recently I had a lovely breakfast and subsequent tea with my lovely friend Jen, and we spoke a lot about some of the hard issues in our lives, from friendship issues to taking care of ourselves and giving over our daily life to God's care and help instead of doing our own thing. I experienced the lovely new D'lish, which has replaced the Fine Art Cafe, and the owner lady was impressed with my panoramas and wanted me to come back in a week or so to discuss the pieces to get ready to put up, so I might have my work up in more than one place in Saskatoon - perhaps it will mean some sales, but even having a lot of people appreciate my work means a lot to me.
Today I went up against a zillion condo renovations and won! From crack patching (which I am actually good at, hooray) and hole filling (also good at!) to tub caulking and fixing someone's awful, not-even-remotely-waterproof job on the A/C unit housing that caused soaking insulation and a damaged baseboard... I was Super-Reno today. Caulking was my artist's medium. I still hate painting, but a half inch wide long brush is still a favourite of mine, I know it's weird but I feel like I have more control over small spots with a long hair wide brush than a short and narrow one... And after all that, it was a long day's work with my lovely and gracious friend Jen (who's off work for spring break) and later with Paul after he was done work, but it's worth it! I am sore and so exhausted I can't think straight anymore. I worked at condo related things and errands for 11 straight hours! There's something incredibly amazing about eating a meal after working that hard, too. I hope that our condo sells high! Then I'll feel like I earned it. =)
Afterwards Paul and I sat on our couch and ate our favourite cheeses - mine is Dubliner and his is Double Cream Brie, though nearly all cheeses are considered friends - and a baguette because Wal-Mart always has the day-old baguettes on for 98 cents! We conversed about whether I might like to work as a Wheeler Dealer - or to put it in more of a way anyone could understand, a merchandise middleman, buying low and selling high on the stuff side rather than stocks. Paul met a guy recently who knew a number of people who'd been quite successful at that and Paul thinks I have the skills. Personally I agree. Plus I could do it well into old age, whereas photography is a young man's game. But it's just an idea for now. I know a certain person who was very fond of me who'd be very excited to hear about this consideration if he were still with us... After this delightful conversation we watched a sitcom together. All in all it was a great day and a great evening.

So if you'd told 15 year old me that one day I'd be an expert in hole patching, dishwasher detergent (seriously, I bought a subscription to Consumer Reports online just for that), and other home-related things I would probably have blinked at you in speechless wonder. Or scoffed. Yep, that's more likely.
I just looked at my calendar and did a double take on my upcoming trip to Vancouver! Barely any time at all before a houseboat adventure!