newsong (newsong) wrote,

My Cart Runneth Over

Big box store, it's my big box store
You'll come out with lots of stuff you didn't come in for...

Soon and very soon I will also be trying to get some things OUT of the house. That will come. For now, organizing the things I have in the house, improving our lot, and bargain hunting is still a good plan. Many things will be going out of the house too, so I don't really need to feel bad about it.

It's been quite the shopping week! I found a pen holder for the fridge for a dollar at Value Village, along with a very nice stein-type glass mug, which is one of our favourite kinds of water glass around here so another can't hurt. That along with some materials for a medieval dress for a big medieval feast coming soon. I parked at Home Depot and squinted at the car in front of me - was that a zebra in the window? And many more zebras in the back? I called the cell phone of the car's owner and got Moira instead - she told me that Mark had rented a van from Home Depot to transport some enormous drywalling for their ongoing home renos and he'd be there in a few minutes - I waited for him and when he arrived he invited Paul and I over - we obliged and spent a happy hour discussing life and the pursuit of cool things online.

Today was an exciting day at Wal-Mart and beyond for the acquiring of things.

I picked up a very nice juicer from a very nice couple for $10 off Kijiji - considering juicers can be hundreds of dollars I'm feeling pretty pumped about that find. I'm very excited about trying to juice some veggies and make them a part of our smoothie routine - pushing the health to the limit! Wal-Mart was an even better day - I finally got a $30 cheap replacement luggage set for the many trips I plan to embark on. It looks nice (purple pattern that's pretty unique for luggage if I ever want to check it), the mechanism is really easygoing, and it only has to last me a few more months - it will be a huge bonus if it lasts longer. I missed my orange luggage so much, we didn't have a nice carry-on anymore and I am big on the carry-on luggage. Considering on Saturday I'm taking a day trip to Regina that could always end in a little more than a day, it's nice to know I have something to take with me. My carry-on complement is complete for the upcoming Vancouver and Toronto trips. My, am I ever globetrotting these days. A tiny portion of the globe perhaps, but a fingerwidth on a globe is a long, long way.

So really, that's most of what I have to say about the past few days. Murphy is still feeling a bit ill so we're keeping an eye on him.

Lots of things to be considered, lots of sabbatical left. Only a week in, really. Off to Regina for a day-trip, planning to see a friend or two and have a meal with one of Paul's Uncles and his Aunt.

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