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Books will be Books

Shine a light through an open door
Love and life I will divide
Turn away cause I need you more
Feel the heartbeat in my mind

What can I say about this past while? A whirlwind ending in subtle flurries of activity. It has become clear to me that a cold stop into a sabbatical is unrealistic - I'm too tired to finish everything on my plate before the official cutoff of Valentines. Three weddings to edit and a boudoir session - too much to consider finishing in less than a week to be certain. On the other hand, I can certainly say it won't be too far into the sabbatical before I can say I'm ready for the full stop. 

I sent off a number of requests to the library, not dreaming that nearly all of them (a dozen!) would be fulfilled within less than two weeks. There's really no possibility I could read them all in three weeks - but if I can renew most of them I might manage it! But since they're all requests, I am glorying in a nearly unfinishable pile of books that I desire greatly. I've also begun and re-begun some TV series I quite enjoy - I just started the smash Masterpiece Theatre hit, Downton Abbey, which I am four episodes into in one day and highly recommend. (Sometimes when I think of the volume of television I consume I get a bit worried, but it's actually very nice to just sit back and enjoy a good story. Even a rather long story!) Some of my favourite Brit actors are in this new Downton Abbey show I've been trying. Not that it's news, but in my opinion the Brits make the best lit and TV! I have fond memories of Masterpiece Theatre shows of old. I'm waiting on word from my Mom about whether she knows where the Horatio Hornblower and Scarlet Pimpernel series from A&E are around the house. When I looked into just buying them I found that they're extremely valuable - used ones in mediocre condition are going for over $100 on Amazon. All the more reason to find our copies to see them, as I really want to share them with Paul, not to mention rewatch them myself.

Last night late I finally finished reading The Happiness Project. I'm excited to be starting my own soon! Like Gretchen, I've started my own list of inspiring "rules" and I'm going to use an app on my phone to track some things daily, something I gave up doing a while back.

The other day in Edmonton I stopped in at the giant sale at my favourite clothing store and found three lovely dress tanks for $10 each, one of which, a comfy jersey cowl neck in a soft teal green, Paul commented was very flattering and that he really liked it. Yesterday I wore one, did my hair in a nice twisted style (I never learned how to braid) as I went to see another class at the Saskatoon Christian School to talk photography. It was really nice to have people interested in what I have to say about being a pro photographer! =)

When I came back from my crazy weekend, Paul had cleaned the house to near spotlessness, and I heard that our darling Murphy had been the star of sitting demonstration at obedience classes. Murphy is a very good dog, and he's learning a lot of things - everything we take the time to teach him. I am excited to teach him more while I am on Sabbatical

Sabbatical. I am in such disbelief that this long-looked-for event is upon me, mere days away. I'm starting off by taking the first four days totally off work with Paul (after a little work these next few days to get there) before I start a bit more editing for a few days at the beginning. The first order of business on this sabbatical is actually to figure out what my priorities are, what I plan on doing, and what to weed out of my giant "Sabbatical" tag in Evernote. Actually, there's only 114 items on that list, some of short duration and some are big projects, who knows what will actually happen. I have a few really important pieces of the puzzle that really matter to me that will be easy to nail down - picking up my guitar and really getting somewhere with it, dog training, spirituality, time with friends and family, and health. Those are the big ones, and beyond that, what happens happens.

I'm planning on attending a seminar on legal wills. Paul and I saw the poster for it at the library and we were interested, what with owning a few things (particularly in my case) and having a dog now, and the consideration that the next several years could bring us children. It's wise to get to know a little about these adultish things, I think. So I'm going to go on Monday night and see what I glean from that.

I landed an amazing medieval-style wedding recently. It will be my first time shooting with professional seconds, as my friends from SelfReflexion here in Saskatoon have agreed to come out with me. It's going to be a great experience I think - coming late November. =)

I'm really frustrated because my blog header has stopped working properly and I can't for the life of me figure out why - though I have my suspicions. The biggest problem - the drop down menu isn't working. Unfortunately it means I need to update my Wordpress and Theme, which means I need to redo all the site customization I've ever done. But maybe only once - with the theme I'm using, if I can figure out every single customization I did and find it in the codes, I can create a little document that will remember all those things and keep them even when I update in future. It's a big project full of coding I just barely understand, but it's one I'll have to tackle if I want my site to work properly again. Oh well. It's a really big project I guess I really only have to do once, and it's really rather necessary... In time-saving things, however, I have found a website that allows me to create contract templates that I can continually resend, which should help with my resolution to take my business in the paperless direction.

I've become more interested in the idea of dumpster diving and bargain hunting and such, as opposed to buying new things in many cases. I got a lot of very nice wall hooks and a vacuum cleaner from an online auction when a scrapbooking store closed down. I paid about $50 for the lot of it, and it would have cost me probably over $300 new. Today Brian and Corrina came over and Brian helped me figure out why the vacuum was crazy loud - just a broken part on the beater, nothing too major. He's going to source a part for it and help me install it. I got a rush from having made a good buy! And I have both upstairs and downstairs vacuum cleaners now, which will be great for making me feel like there's no obstacles in my way to cleaning things downstairs - and if one vacuum breaks or we run out of vacuum bags for the upstairs vacuum, we're not hooped. I helped Corrina with some web hosting issues and we all had supper together (Corrina made us biscuits!) and played Dr. Who Monopoly, which I was abnormally lucky at. If I'm not mistaken I think it might be the first themed Monopoly I've ever played. Poor Paul was hoping themed Monopoly would help him like it, but he was still pretty bored. Oh well, there's a lot of games in the world!

Gosh it's crazy how fast a household runs out of things! We go through milk like water, especially with the intermittent baking and all the insta-food that requires it. I have a huge list on the fridge of everything I need to get after some more money comes in mid-month. Paul made banana bread today, which was a delicious part of the day

I have a lot of work to do this week, even with limited expectations of myself. We'll see how it goes in the end

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