newsong (newsong) wrote,

Depression, thy name is Winter

I don't know whether or not how sad I just got

Was of my own volition, or if I'm just missing the sun

I should probably dig some gloves out of the winter stuff bag from the basement. You see, it's been cold inside and out. Not all the time, either way, it's chance weather what happens. Every day that the sun shines we turn the temperature down in the house while the sun warms us for a few hours, and the basement gets cold, and the rooms farthest from the furnace like our bedroom get cold, and eventually we turn the heat back on. Also, at some point I lost one of the gloves I had finally got - a steal of a deal and ones that I really liked which is somewhat rare for me, especially those two things in tandem. There didn't seem to be any reason for having lost them, either, one glove was just gone one day. Thankfully yesterday wasn't so bad, and I didn't freeze my bare fingers to the steel rod of the extendable snow brush when I took the three inches of new snow off the car. Paul finally shovelled a couple of days back, and it snowed just enough the day after so it seemed that it hadn't even happened

I guess what I'm saying is that these days I've been feeling like I can't win. One piece of good news, one piece of bad news. Not a new feeling.

I shot a great wedding last week - finally got to shoot my West Edmonton Mall Santa Maria ship wedding, and it was really cool. Then we had a wedding show. Then I spent some time with Cathleen which would have been vastly better if it weren't for capitalism and big business, though I did finally get some end tables for our living room from Ikea. Okay, I guess Ikea is a big business, but I at least knew what I was getting into when I sprung $20 for two tables. A sore wrist from twisting in eight table legs, that's what

After a week or so that I was so tired for I can barely remember, though judging by the movement in my To Do list I apparently did things, back to Edmonton I go to shoot a wedding with a couple I also really like this coming weekend - I'm leaving again in two days. I am armed with hundreds of new episodes of This American Life and several audiobooks for the trip, and if I get tired of thinking I still have some new albums I haven't listened to yet

I think the Bridal Tradeshow went well but it may be a bit too early to say yet - even so I have one wedding inquiry and a boudoir booking already to show for it - the boudoir booking actually came right on the heels of the show that very night! I have a couple of other interested parties that I hope will contact me, too.

I have come to that point, about three weeks before my sabbatical, where it's become almost more scary than awesome, though I waver on that point from day to day. I have three weddings to edit, several sessions to finish, and a whole bunch of other work to do, as well as a trip out of town. This doesn't include dog-related items like cleaning up after his paper-ripping, stuffie-gutting escapades, training, playing and more. It doesn't include housework, though to be fair most of that can wait a couple of weeks I suppose. But despite the worry about not finishing, I do keep looking forward every once and a while. But I've had some rough spots lately. It will be good to take some time off, and if I have to ease into it because there's more work to do I guess that's okay.

I have taken on a volunteer-with-benefits position soliciting sponorships for th CPC, my favourite photo convention, and after sending out what felt like a zillion emails to all sorts of photographic services I'm getting some interested responses. It's always easiest to represent a good thing

I would be really happy if there were some good news for me too over the next while! Lately it's been dog-eating-power-cord woes and companies that we thought owed us money who say we owe them money because of stupid cancellation policies

You're hot then you're cold

You're yes, then you're no

You don't really want to stay, oh,

But you don't really want to go, oh

I just rediscovered the name for well known, interchangeable word phrases snow clones, and I've decided that this year will be the year of snow clone blog titles. I'm still early enough to declare such a thing! Should keep my brain displaying dazzling ditties for some time

Today was more of a warm day, on the temperature scale, which is surprising considering the content was a bit more of the bad news than the good… But I think I'll survive, and there were some great moments today, in dog training, in the Getting Things Done vein, and spending a few fleeting but lovely moments with my darling Paul: a ten minute lunch and a fifteen minute supper, but enough highlights to make me feel precious

In other news, I am still the Soup Queen and I think I need to crown Paul the Stir Fry King, since he made a really cool one the other day that included kale and carrots and corn, to name a few less usual ingredients. It was delicious and we're still eating copious amounts of leftovers. I also made more lemon rice soup, a double batch this time, with the leftover rice. I am pleased with my soup-scepades

Things are going to start looking up soon I think!

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