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Queen of Soup!

I thought I'd check in before turning in for the night and talk a bit about how awesome it feels to be in the groove. Lately I've been extremely productive! This is coupled with a lot of nightly procrastinating and staying up late, which makes me cranky in the daytime and I really need to remedy, but all in all I feel mostly on top of things other than some household things - though I have been reasonably on top of that, too

I am the queen of soup! I have made French Onion soup and Avgolemono (Egg and Lemon) soup in the last two weeks and they both turned out totally fabulous. I've been doing a lot of cooking as part of an attempt to slow down things on the work front on the road to my sabbatical. And on the road I will be, quite a bit this week

Tomorrow I leave early in the morning for Regina to pick up a friend and her car for the tradeshow this weekend, and Friday morning I drive us and a full SUV of trade-show materials out to Edmonton, where I will pick up a rental lens (wide angle, yay!) and go to the rehearsal of the WEM Ship wedding I've been looking forward to since I booked it in September. 7am to 1am wedding shooting on Saturday, and then 9am to 6pm the next day is the tradeshow, which I have my fingers crossed will give me a ton of business this year - much needed business.

Paul and I were discussing a Big Life Decision yesterday, one which is somewhat made pending the details. We'll keep everyone posted about what that is once we decide to do it. And no, it's not about babies, it's more about finances.

I've found an awful lot of really cool things on the internet lately from various sources, mostly Kickstarter - most of which are technological creations lik locator devices powered by phone apps a special ultra-thin auto-brightness flashlight that lasts ages a company that repairs jeans by a process that renews the fabric rather than by patching a low-cost landmine detonator modelled after a tumbleweed, and more

Today I followed the Murphy around an took some photos f him. He looks cute and chic

Now for a crazy weekend...