Christmas Garfield

Next Stop: Puppyville

This is the first day of my life

Swear I wasn't born before I met you

I went out in the rain suddenly everything changed

They're spreading blankets on the beach

If you're wondering what's been keeping me busy, there's a few things!

I wanted our house to look reasonably nice for company and our housewarming, so I spent a ton of time unpacking, designating places for things to belong, and settling in, in general. Paul has been extremely busy with work, so the one day I even cleaned out his office for him and set it up a bit nicer so he'd have a nice place to work. Then I put the stuffed Alot in his inbox and told him when I showed him the clean, fresh office: "I made your office nice for you, but there's still ALOT in your inbox!!" Which he laughed pretty hard at.

The house looks reasonably put together except for the spare room upstairs, which I have been delighted to call the "Spare Oom" for nearly a month now, and which looks more like a recycling box full of cardboard and plastic than Narnia - though it is instantly cold when you open the door, being the final room on the furnace pipe's path. I am sure I will eventually make that room into a guest room, but for now it's the stuff space. There's lots of nooks and crannies to put things in in our new house, too. We really love living there. 

I fully decorated the Christmas tree, which took way more lights than I thought it would. I spent some time with a friend whose life isn't going the best, and I tried to get some work done on editing and such, which sometimes went well and sometimes hasn't been the greatest. I spend a lot of time these days alternating between feeling comfortable in my new space and feeling a bit antsy. I think it's just that I'm used to everything moving a lot faster and I haven't quite adjusted to the wintertime yet. Soon I should have a lull in my photo editing, and for now I am on break!

Tuesday night Paul and I headed down to Edmonton to celebrate his convocation, which had one of the better speeches for convocation I have heard, comparing this year's Grads to the U of A grads of 1912, who also faced a world in some turmoil but made the best of it. But that's not all - we're here partly because we're on our way to Prince George, BC to visit Paul's friend Taylor and use his guest room on our way to pick up the newest member of our family, a whippet puppy named Murphy whose life I started following when he was a tiny nugget in his mother's womb. I have been reading dog books and watching YouTube and generally obsessing about all things dog for some time now, and I made sure that our house was puppy/baby proof before we left the other day, turning off a dozen lights in our wake. So much space compared to what we had, about three or four times the space or more. All my hopes about having a separate work and life have really started coming to pass, and I've tried to make good habits moving in, like rinsing the dishes as soon as we use them and keeping track of the laundry - things that make our lives a little easier, chores-wise. I am feeling quite housewifely. 

Today was Paul's convocation, which was great, and then I took some grad photos of him - he was tired, but he was a good sport about it and made jokes about me being in control of my subject. =) I hope the photos turn out well! Wouldn't take much to be better than the photographer who takes all the photos for the U of A students. Yeesh. Paul was not happy with those.

I am currently up really late at our stopover place in Edmonton after having had a five hour nap at 4:30 in the afternoon because I've been exhausted for ages. It felt amazing. The original plan was to go shopping at the West Ed while we were in Edmonton, which we did very briefly before we realized we were just too crazy tired to do anything. Commence ridiculously long nap - which in Paul's case turned out to be an all night sleep, too. I woke up and went out for some food, then came back to deal with the growing mountains of email and some internet puttering.

Puttering is a word I use often these days. I putter about the house, fixing things up. I putter about because I'm too tired to do much else. I hope that having a puppy will provide some nice therapy - it's a good time of year to get a puppy since we are often home and I have less work to do these days - by a bit anyway.

Yours is the first face that I saw

Swear I was blind before I met you

I've had some wonderful moments with my dear Paul lately. With the stress of life a bit less these days and this road trip vacation we're taking (and were looking forward to for ages) things have been better than they have for a long time. I finally got a chance to offer him my riddle, which I'd been storing up for months, and we've been playing two truths and a lie and other games. Tomorrow we'll have a lot of games to play with a 12 hour drive!! And I've got a few for us to play since I took a few minutes to prepare for the trip that way. I wanted it to be special, and I think it has been.

We sat in the car today singing to each other in a beautiful little moment, staring into each other's eyes.

Yes, the heart will always go

One step too far...

Like classics play aces

Stay with me, go places

Once more for the ages

Our housewarming party a few days ago was wonderful - seeing so many people we loved, friends and family who love us and care about us… It just made it an awesome day, and worth all the unpacking and prep.

Next stop, puppyville. I will post cute photos as soon as I can!