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Finding the Perfect Thing

Oh oh, I can't even take it in
I left my heart in Metropolis
Like a hijacked plane
Or a runaway train
Or a speeding bullet
There's no stopping this

Yesterday was a wonderful date day with Paul. We went exploring in the new big box mall near our new place. The Value Village there seems really nice, but I might have been a bit biased  in my opinion because it happened to have two things I really needed - a larger new winter coat and a blanket with substance to put into our new fillable dog bed.  My old coat dates from thinner days - one to keep for thinner days ahead but not much fun for the winter months now if it's too tight on my tummy. We checked out Early's Seed and Feed, a specialty animal store on the far south end of town, also near our new place, for some dog necessities, not much there that I wanted, but I got a book on Whippets and I'll be checking them out again at a later date for a couple of things. We saw a movie and ate ourselves nearly sick with Chinese food. Pretty great stuff as far as a fun date day is concerned.

One of the things I've spent a lot of time on this last year, and time well spent I might add, is checking out productivity stuff online. I'm sure I've mentioned Lifehacker before, but it's a pretty amazing resource for someone like me who is past their 5-year-plan growth-wise so to speak. My business has outgrown my life and my time and I am therefore preparing to hire someone, trying to separate work and life with some precision, and finding every possible resource to do that. Evernote, Streak, Boomerang, Gmail, and more - computer programs that make my time more productive, speed all sorts of things up. I'm looking at some hardware upgrades like an SSD hard drive for that sort of thing too - now that eight photographers I know have upgraded and some of them are reporting gaining weeks of work, I think it's bandwagon jumping time. I've got a new idea set on the hook for to do list organizing that people call "The Secret Weapon." Seems like a pretty cool addition to Evernote at first glance, I'll have to try it. At this point in my life, busy is a problem to solve, which is alright. 

Work Sabbatical in less than four months now!

About a month ago I started a Tumblr blog of my favourite quotes from my personal life and what I see in my travels around the internet. I didn't realize just how many things I felt were worthy of keeping until I started - on average I now add about 2 quotes a day. It's nice to look back at things that struck me in the moment, or were funny. I seem to log about half funny things and half wise things with a good deal of overlap and not much else, though there's the occasional Christian commentary or thoughts on various personal interest issues for commercial artists like copyright and patent stuff. 

In recent random news, my Aunt has agreed to gift me with her Air Miles for Christmas at her request. In the immortal words of Dr. Suess, Oh the Places I'll Go! =)

Unfortunately for some of my family and friends, in general I prefer to receive specific and useful gifts and I'm not much for fun stuff I didn't pick out. I understand this makes me a bit difficult sometimes, but I'd far rather use something and think of someone than look at something and wish I could get rid of it without feeling guilty… It's difficult to find the right balance of that sometimes. But if you're willing to concede to me my preferences, I can hand them to you on a silver platter. At least I'm not difficult that way.

The in-betweenness of life is still awful, but today felt like a bit of a holiday from that, with normal everyday sort of shopping and spending time together. It just felt like Paul was home. And Value Villages are the same everywhere, a collection of random things.

I started listening to Christmas music a couple of days ago! Usually I wait until November but I needed cheering up and background noise for working. It was a good decision.

Last night I was up really late, today I will see some of my in-laws and possibly a friend this evening. I have breakfast plans with a friend tomorrow too.

I'm a little more than useless
And this is gonna be the day
That I would do something right for once

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