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Of Schadenfraude and Treasures

On a lonely day I look out on the freeway
I can fantasize 'bout the car I'd drive
Don't leave the light on, I can find my way
It's been so long now, I have to say

I have decided to try focusing on blogging briefly so that it happens more often, so here goes what's brief, for me anyway. The biggest item of note today is that I drove to Saskatoon after TWO HOURS of packing the car, which was exhausting, and the result of several days of organization and weeks of tradeshow prep as my first of three tradeshows in the next few months is on Sunday. 

I also had to deal with a small mold infestation that looked pretty nasty. Apparently I didn't notice that the bottom of my computer carrier box was wet when I put it down several weeks ago, so I ended up having to do a thorough area-wide bleaching and a box transplant. It's hard to get 27" iMac boxes, so I couldn't just chuck the whole thing... ended up cutting off the mouldy parts, doing a quick bleach wipe-down and transplanting a portion of the box bottom. Just another thing on my very long list of majorly crappy repercussions to small mistakes I've made this year. I'm up in the thousands of dollars in mistakes. My therapist suggested I budget for mistakes, which on one hand is reprehensible, and on the other seems like a good idea at this point. I'm split about halfway on personal and business mistakes and it sucks. But I'm working on the stress, which is what's causing the mistakes, so it should clear up soon.

Another sun-soaked season fades away...
One good stretch before our hibernation

On both counts - packing and mold cleanup - it sucked not to have Paul there to help, and I didn't get to Saskatoon until late so he was already asleep, although I can't complain about waking a sleeping husband to cuddling he hasn't had in two weeks. There were lots of sleepy, happy exclamations of comfort, and it was very sweet.

A little bit of love
Goes a long way tonight

We are seriously looking into a particular rental home that despite being a bit above our budget, meets nearly all of our needs and almost all of our wants as well and would be really nice. If it all works out I'll tell the whole story, but suffice it to say for now that it could, at least temporarily, be a wonderful place to live. We're going for a viewing tomorrow night, if we take it I'll try to remember to blog about it, since we could be living there for quite a few years. Talking about the house today was some of the only time I really had with Paul... Saturday will be our big day to be together this week.

We'll be laughing, We'll be dancing,
Shining in the sun,
You're my beautiful one
Some of you may not know that I've been in contact with a whippet breeder from B.C. over the course of the pregnancy of Spicy, her fawn-and-brindle colored sassy whippet. The sire was Ric, whose genes seemed pretty dominant! I pulled a very late night on Thursday because the puppies were being born, with brief commentary every half hour or so from our breeder on Facebook. There are seven pups, two girls and five boys, extremely cute! We will be choosing one of the boys, and the breeder will be considering their temperaments to recommend one to us. It's been a cool experience so far and I feel like an adoptive Mom. I've been checking out pet stores whenever I get a minute on one of my tradeshow shopping trips. I haven't bought anything for our up and coming dog yet, but I have a dog dish in mind from one of the places I visited in Edmonton, and we'll have to buy the special two-sided crate for crate training early, before we pick our new dog up. I am so excited, I totally have dog fever! If anyone wants to go dog shopping with me... and pay for it because Paul hasn't had a paycheque yet... Unpaid training for jobs sucks, but at least he's on schedule to start working for pay when we thought he would, so that's good news. Just a big financial crunch in Fall, which feels totally normal. What will feel weird is finally having enough.

I don't know what to say anymore
I don't know what I want anymore

After only two weeks of having it around, I've already fully given up on the cable TV that I thought I'd give another chance to, since it was so cheap. It felt more like mourning than entertainment. Where was my beloved A&E? Nothing but disgusting schadenfreude now. What used to be The Learning Channel (TLC) is now actually worse than the new Cosmo channel, I kid you not. Channel after channel, the same awful drivel and voyeurism. I mean, TV shows are voyeurism, but there's a fine line between a story you watch and something that makes it personal in a really negative way. I tried to give reality TV a chance, and the more I actually thought about it, the more horrified it made me. So even though I actually do enjoy a few shows, I am giving up TV as a medium forever.

The one show that solidified this opinion for me was "Storage Wars" and considering it's practically the only thing on two channels all day every day and it has at least a couple of similarities to the Antiques Roadshow, which I used to really enjoy. What's the opposite of schadenfraude? The internet says there's a Buddist concept called mudita which is the exact opposite - happiness in someone's happiness, though with AR I'd say a more accurate term would have to encompass surprise with someone's surprise. That's how AR made me feel, and Storage Wars had elements... But the problem was that behind all of these abandoned storage lockers are people who couldn't afford to keep them, and these men and women who've gone pro in raiding them are the vultures who feed on the second great American depression, profiting off treasures left behind. In that light, the whole thing just feels unconscionable. 

Long live old TV series on Netflix, movie rentals, and internet access in general, where I can find TV shows with entertainment value and sometimes food for thought. The only channel that hasn't really changed is the Space channel. And it hasn't changed in the sense that Star Trek Voyager is in the same timeslot it was when I first caught a glimpse of it as a teenager over ten years ago. If that doesn't tell you that TV has sucked for a good long time, I don't know what could.

Could it be everything sad is coming untrue
Oh, I believe that everything sad is coming untrue
In the hands of the One who makes all things new

On the trip I enjoyed the lovely autumn sunset, like Midas turning the whole prairie to gold, and I listened to an excellent audiobook adaptation of C.S. Lewis' The Great Divorce, which I didn't know was a story. Thought experiment rather, about heaven and hell. I really enjoyed it, though I might have benefited from a more substantial knowledge of Dante's works. There were a couple of lines like, "Dante was right about X" or "Dante's imagination failed when it came to X" but no exposition to what Lewis must have thought would be obvious to his advanced readers. Philosophical education is not really standard these days, and Dante's work doesn't really fall under entertaining reading to me - while life is this stressful, something with some entertainment, or at least something that isn't a slog, is reasonably necessary. 

With that, it's definitely bedtime.

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