Seems Like You've Done This Before

Tried to forget when I left this town
But it takes me right back when I come back around

This Canada Day long weekend I enjoyed a wonderful, not too busy time in Saskatoon with lots of my closest family and friends, it was a really lovely opportunity to have some much longer, more in-depth conversations about life. I got to meet the fiancee of one of my very close friends for the first time, I went successfully shopping with another and discussed all sorts of life issues, I met a bevy of my best male friends (and briefly, one of the ladies) at Manos for a late night talk-a-thon - and there was evening and there was morning... Paul spent the afternoon and evening with his younger sister and they took in a little bit of the Jazz festival.

Paul and I went for an extended visit with my parents the next day - I ended up enjoying some of their scrapbooking equipment with Geen (my Aunt) and Paul had a long conversation with my Mom and Gran about interesting tidbits of each family's history. After that we saw Andrew and Sarah's new rental home, a very nice place that we really liked - coincidentally it's very close to the condo that Paul and I own in Saskatoon. Andrew had a terrible time starting a fire in their new fire pit, and just as he got it roaring almost twenty minutes later, there was a torrential downpour... It was entertaining, and I'm glad it wasn't me.

I've seen the irony
It gets the best of me

On Monday morning we had a lovely breakfast out at the Parktown Hotel restaurant with Paul's Mom, and then some friends came over to look at the room in her house we're using for the upcoming Steampunk LARP, which is going to be a lot of fun. Then I shot family photos of the Littles for the second time, which was great. Their baby son has the most spectacularly blue-speckled eyes...

The best you could ever hope to be 
Is now just a bittersweet memory

I spent a good deal of the drive home listening to music from my University days and considering the past and present and how many things are changing for me and others. The people I visited with this weekend are mostly people I've known for quite a few years now, many since high school and early University. Paul and I started the trip by talking about the future, and I continued it by listening to music from my past - and then listening to music to stay awake because I've been so exhausted by it all. It was a reasonably relaxing holiday over the long weekend, but I still have so much happening. It looks like I will be pretty caught up soon, though.

But I will not be setting out a fleece for You tonight
Just want to know that everything will be alright

There's been an awful lot of things happening since I last managed to post. My family dog had to be put down because he was dying from cancer. I held him in my arms when we got him, just a wee little puppy - but that was twelve years ago. That's me with him in my profile photo. My family will be getting a dog from the same bloodline whenever things work out for the breeders. I lost and then found my pedometer - I walk so much more when it's around egging me on with those numbers! It's a good thing for me to have it. Not only that, but my long-lived fish, the last of them, perished. I am done with fish for a good long while, and I always say that, and then I see one of those massive hotel tanks and the dream re-awakens... But the truth is that I really need a pet who will ask for what it needs, like a dog. I'd really like a dog. I've got my heart set on a whippet.

In other random bits of news... I inherited a couple more houseplants, one each from my Grandma and my Mom-in-law. A succulent and an ivy. My ivies tend to last a long while and then suddenly die despite my tending to them - perhaps I can stop that from happening in future. I managed to put a few small scrapes on the car in the parkade today, which I'm trying hard not to care so much about because if I do it will upset me - this feeling that I can never quite win is quite pervasive and I mean to beat it and be happy.

Since the last time I wrote Janta came to stay with us for awhile, and she's coming back again this evening to stay for one more day, which I am very excited about - it's so amazing to see her more often now that she's living on the same continent.

We've started developing some relationships with a few of the young Catholics who go to our parish here, and it's about time. We had a lovely late night conversation with one of Paul's classmates and her friend from the parish, and it was definitely one of those times where everyone hears something that they needed to hear. 

I randomly went swimming with Paul at our apartment building's pool not too long ago, and it was really nice to relax and enjoy the cold pool when the outdoors was so warm. We don't have A/C and sometimes it can get a little ridiculous when it's humid.

Paul's Mom also came out to visit us for a couple of days in June, which was really special. We took her to a few great places in Edmonton, like the Famoso pizzeria, the Tin Box store (where I bought Paul an elephant teapot that makes him squeal from cuteness practically every time he looks at it - I'd been looking for a teapot for him for nearly a year before we found it), and in general we spent some time talking together.

Today Paul started his final placement, after finishing his thesis in the end of June with a bit of help from Janta and I. I pulled an all-nighter with him on the very last day - after having planned to get to bed and taking a sleeping pill. The resultant full-page word and concept association doodle is very interesting and speaks to how my mind is wired:

June 2012 All-Nighter Doodle

While Paul has a 72 page paper to show for what I may have to start calling the Thesis Period of our lives, one I plan to promptly forget about, this is my accomplishment.

What are some other things I'd like to remember about June... I made stew, which I liked to call housewifely stew because it was a very industrious mix of bargain shopping, keeping chopped stew veggies in the freezer, finding a proper recipe, and judicious slow-cooker use. It was definitely some of the best stew I've ever had - apparently the key for me to like a stew is that the veggies be chopped quite finely - I'm not a huge fan of coarsely chopped stew.

And now Paul is happy and home from his first day of placement with a ridiculously handsome ID card photo (really, I'm not being sarcastic) and we're awaiting the time to go pick up Janta...