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Anniversary the 2nd

Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And everything you do

Today is my two year anniversary! I have a wonderful husband to show for it - when I got up this morning, there was a simple sticky note - it said, "I'd do it again." I still haven't figured out what to get Paul, but I may think about it for a bit and get something a bit belated, but very special. Paul took me out to the Koutouki Meze restaurant which is a very short walk from our house, and I had their spanakopita special, and Paul had a side of lamb - which I sampled. It was quite literally the best meat I have ever had in my life. We are definitely ordering that again. Our waiter was also exceptional. You know, those times when your water glass is mysteriously filled while you are in the middle of conversation. It was a lovely time outdoors on their patio on a lovely day like today. 

Things went a little south in our plans for today - by which I partly mean we had nachos with lots of peppers, and by which I partly mean, Paul had grand plans for fresh jalepenos. We'd had fresh jalepenos before, twice. So we figured we knew how much to put in. We threw all the veggies for the nachos into one bowl. Including two whole jalepenos - which given our prior experiences seemed like a good amount. That was our first mistake. Kids, the best idea is to test the pepper before throwing it in. Now you may think this is going somewhere, and it is, but only slightly in the direction you think. So Paul is chopping things (including the jalapenos), and I pick a piece of green pepper out of the bowl. And my mouth is on fire. And I think, man, those jalapenos are spicy, I thought that was a green pepper! Then I pick a yellow pepper piece out. And it's the same level of spicy. I grab some ice for my water glass, and realize that we don't want that kind of heat in our meal, because I hadn't actually eaten a jalepeno - just the veggies that touched one. We proceed to wash the veggies - Paul using his hand to strain the water out, the second big mistake - and pick all the jalapenos out with salad tongs and then strain it again - same deal. 

Later that evening as we watched action-TV, Paul rubbed his eyes. He joked later that after all his First Aid classes for work his first thought was, "Go to the eyewash station immediately" which he then kind of had to translate to, "Head towards the bathroom sink." I tried to help him rinse around his eyes and get a little water in them when they were open too. Paul said I was pretty cool in the crisis, so lifeguard training has still kind of rubbed off on me to this day I think. Later on, it was realized in an unfortunate way that Paul's hands were still spicy. Suffice it to say, in Paul's words, we had a spicy anniversary. 

I have officially outlawed fresh jalepeno peppers in our house as of today. We are not focused enough to handle such dangerous items and I'd really like to avoid more emergency moments. Sadly, I've also gotten jalepeno in my eye before, twice. Never again. I have finally learned that jalepenos are not worth it.

The nachos were great, though. Since we took the peppers out. We also, uneventfully, had smoothies and a TV show marathon and talked of the future. We stared googly-eyed at each other, still very much in love, and without fear that our love will fade, because we are always working at it, and at ourselves, to make a brighter, more beautiful, comfortable future.

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay
Oh, I believe in yesterday

A few key things have happened over the past while. A couple of weeks ago I had a really hard week emotionally for a number of reasons (not the least of which is Paul's thesis dragging on - this month was supposed to be our time together with no school...) and because sometimes the world seems intent on making it worse, there were a lot of random things happening. Like near constant rain, and our poor baby pigeon getting brutally murdered by some rival bird (I only saw the aftermath, but Paul says he'd scared a magpie away once.) We were so excited about the baby bird and it was a really sucky way to wake up in the morning for me. On the plus side, because I have to look at the plus side more often, it's now finally BBQ season since we're no longer worried about scaring the parental pigeons.

Yesterday seemed like a bit of a turning point. Paul went for coffee with the girl who is partnering with him for the "Thanks to the Families" speech for the Grad banquet next week, someone he knew was Catholic and has been going to the same parish as us. They visited for several hours, and one of the results is that she has a few of the young folks at the parish she wants to introduce us to, which makes us very happy. We also went out with another friend of Paul's from school and her cool boyfriend, who have recently gotten involved in a mentorship program for young people who are interested in building a secondary income through (totally legal, above-board) business and investment opportunities. We've begun the process of getting to know some of the people involved and it looks like a great opportunity to get into some of the investment stuff that Paul and I have spoken of before, since neither of us really know anyone who is involved in such things on our own. Both of these things made yesterday seem like a really hopeful day.

I don't know if I'll make it 
But watch how good I fake it

I am thinking of upgrading cameras because I'm hitting the last straw with all the issues I've had with mine. Simply put, this camera and I have a bad relationship. You know the kind, where you feel like you've finally dealt with a problem and it either gets worse, or another one crops up. It's not cool. The problem is that the upgrade cost is pretty high and the learning curve is pretty steep. Despite that, I think that with an entire summer of steady shooting before me it's probably time to stop worrying about the money and buy it. Like Paul says, it's the #1 tool I work with. It just feels like a kick in the gut after buying a very expensive lens not too long ago... But the problem is that the camera I want has a six month wait on it, if I put a deposit on it now. If I can find someone who has one that I can try for a bit, I hope I'll feel confident enough to put the money down and get the camera in September/October or so.

On one hand I can't believe summer is before me, and on the other hand it seems daunting. I am so full up with work these days that I just never quite get around to things. Paul's Mom is coming to visit us this week for a couple of days, and I'm excited about it but I also feel a bit bad, since I'll have to do some work while she's here. It's lovely that she's coming just to visit us, though. Makes us feel pretty special. I did some whirlwind cleaning late tonight after Paul went to bed because I really can't stand the idea of people seeing our house in really terrible shape. Somewhat terrible is the best I can manage. Tomorrow during business hours the water is out (again) and so Paul's hoping to do an early morning dish load, and I'm going to try and get out of the house for some of my errands.

As an aside, our massive nacho-and-tv marathon was complete with fresh guacamole, which is pretty much my favourite food these days. And also green is my current favourite color and has been for several years now. If you'd told me that when I was a kid I would have gaped at you. But then, there's a whole lot of things that I've done that I wouldn't have imagined. Dropped a few grand on the business, and then, as though it were sunlight and water on a flower, I watched it grow. Paul and I have had our ups and downs with this ridiculous school thing, but it will all be over soon and we'll be on to life as usual. It will be strange to have Paul back to his normal self, as I am sure he will be with the security of a job. School has been hard on him, and being sole breadwinner has been hard on me, and soon life will ease up.

There are a lot of changes to come, but most of them are pretty amazing. Paul getting a new job, starting a family, narrowing down my business to the things I love best, and considering a few interesting twists and turns in life otherwise. I just have some personal stuff to work on - not least learning to actually relax instead of avoiding workish things by doing other workish things - but I'm getting better. Therapy is going well, and my dietician has told me I have enough stuff to work on already and I'm almost to the end of the things she has to offer. 

And I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more...

Oh yeah, speaking of my dietician. The Edmonton PCN, a division of the health district, is hosting a walking challenge, complete with pedometers which are really nice, to theoretically walk, with your team, around all of Alberta's major cities. It's pretty sweet and it totally encourages me to walk more, especially since Paul is doing it as well and he walks more than me! Unfortunately on Saturday during what was probably going to be my biggest step-count so far, I lost my pedometer at the Muttart and it hasn't been found by the staff. I remember hearing the sound of it falling off and not seeing it around me anywhere, too. I can purchase another one, and I'm going to, because the motivation factor is HUGE. It's a great way to feel accomplished. 

So is blogging! It helps me remember all the good times! Like the fact that I'm currently looking at a much tidier house, eating a scrumptious nectarine, and getting ready to slow down for bed. I should have done that hours ago, but now I can do it with a clean slate, since I feel like I really did something to make this place feel like home. 

Here's to today and tomorrow, and more wonderful days to come.

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