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Sunny Days are Here Again

The way you smile at the ground

It ain't hard to tell you don't know

You don't know you're beautiful

Well, our new tricked-out old person Tardis car is safely in the downstairs parkade, and has been ours for a few days now. I cannot help but feel kind of normal and boring driving it, wheras my old car made me feel special and sporty. Ah well. I have been enjoying having a sunroof for beautiful days like today. One thing I can say for it is that it's REALLY comfortable. It's a total road trip car. Paul and I have been discussing the possibility of driving to the States next spring to see the desolation their northernmost States and the Yellowstone Park. This would be the car to do it in.

My amazing husband spent almost the whole day on Wednesday putting the house back into order and cleanliness after it's been a shambles for months while he's been gone and I've been busy. It's in a state of near order - not quite there, but enough that it doesn't make me feel crazy just looking at it. I am comfortable being here all the time, and since I am here a lot, that's good. I am so glad to be done the last few months of constant travel.

A couple of nights ago my friend Cathleen came through town for a family thing and we had a late night talk about life's hard decisions, during which the most apt song came on the radio. I looked up at the radio. She made a frowny face. Then we burst into hysterics. It was awesome, in a terrible sort of way. It's so cool that I have so many friends who are a lot like me in so many ways... It was at Denny's, our old haunt but a different location, and nostalgia is always a part of those moments.

I had a couple of great wedding meetings on Wednesday with one person booing on the spot, and I already have high hopes that next year will be amazing. I picked up my freshly cleaned camera from Vistek and started playing with my (also-new) lens. I made another expensive mistake and over-cleaned one of my lenses over time and now it's scratched in a way that shows up on photos. Oops. It's also too expensive to fix, I might as well get a new lens. But as Paul reminded me, it's this good glass that I buy that makes me the money and makes the amazing photos. So now I'm getting used to a zoom lens again - the 24-70mm. It's going to help a lot at weddings actually, since weddings move so quickly these days. Nearly everyone is having a ten minute ceremony! Crazy. And I went over the Ken Rockwell manual for my camera again and fixed up some recommended settings to try and make everything awesome SOOC - photographer talk for straight out of the camera. Today is a good day - my camera is clean, my new lens is wonderful to work with, and I have made great strides in just a day in doing a better job of my job. I have also finally finished designing the Mermaid Wedding invitations that I was contracted for and dropped off some things at Wedding World, so all in all today has been quite a productive day. I am looking forward to going for a nice walk with my other half and enjoying what is a truly lovely day. 

If you look at my photos from today, you can meet our Motherly pigeon. We've tried naming her a few times and it's never stuck, so I am naming her Maud (it seems a Mom kind of name), and since I've written it somewhere we will remember... My sister-in-law will probably notice that her prediction that our kindness to pigeons, who have been called the rats of the air by many a person - has resulted in an escalation. We're not farming pigeons yet, but we are growing one! I hope it survives to baby-hood, because my Paul has never seen a baby bird, and baby birds are amazing. We have an incubation happening just a few feet from our balcony door, so we'll hopefully be able to see everything happen sometime next week since that's when the internet tells us to look for a baby bird! We have noticed that Dad (I'm going to name him Henry) switches off at around the times of day that the internet said, which is cool. Dual parenting exists in nature! =)

I am currently reading a book of steampunk stories and a novel in preparation for the Steampunk LARP coming up in July. Paul and I are both working on our characters and costume ideas for it and waiting in high expectation. I love LARPing, not just that it helps me win who-is-more-nerdy conversations, but that I do find them way more fun than just plain acting. It's like... directed improv. I love it anyway, and I can't wait to enjoy the upcoming one. I am also slowly but surely making my way through The Count of Monte Cristo, which is really good. It's terribly long, but packed with content - unlike Tolstoy, who is terribly long and ranty, this story is just taking place over so much time it has to be long...

My last weekend was full of incredible sessions and a wedding that was the most fun I've ever had at a wedding. The bride nearly kissed a real-live frog! Check out the blog to see Ashley and Rob's Wedding, the Cameron Family Photos, and the Engagement photos I did last weekend. It was a blast. And today I went for a leisurely walk with Paul, took some spring photos with my new lens, and ate some ice cream. Tomorrow I get to shoot another bachelorette boudoir session, which is going to be tons of fun as usual!

I'm trying to take today pretty easy becuase I'll be working for another long stretch here - just one shoot tomorrow for this weekend, but a ton of editing and graphics work over the next week. Life has been pretty good since things on my to do list have started to actually get done! 

The important thing is that blogging is starting to happen on a much more regular basis. Yet more of my personal goals gaining ground!

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