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And I’m the kinda fellow that’ll make you feel better when your life gets shook

So give it a chance according to your plans 

Well, the long and the short of it is that we lost another car. 

Between Paul and I, we've lost five cars in a few years. That is not normal. And thanks to someone else this time, we just lost the last one on that list. We slowed down to stop at a light on Whyte Ave a week ago, on our way to a Doctor's appointment and then out of town, with our car packed full. They did not stop at the stop light, and hit us at about 40k. We thought the car was fixable, and so did the bodywork gents. Nope. Bodywork is expensive, and the whole bumper and back door and some of the side panels needed replacing, and it was over the limit for what the company would fix, so again, we're out a car. I'm grieving pretty hard for that car. It was the first car I had where I swore I'd keep it until it rusted out, because it was amazing and reliable... 

Really, a lot of great things happened that day and since. We got special permission from the rental car company to take the rental out of town like we'd planned and went to a family wedding and our niece's baptism in Saskatoon. The doctor's office did not fine me for not showing up. The guys at the bodywork place were so incredibly nice to us. Our adjuster even gave me the 2 minute tour of the bodywork place with the washing area, the painting booths, and the workspace. It was pretty cool. I would recommend those guys in a heartbeat even though they didn't actually end up doing the final work on our car. Our settlement on the car is pretty much spot on, though we wish we could beg for them to fix it instead of paying us out, it's against their rules. I mean, I get that, but sentimental value and reliability just doesn't match up so well with dollars and cents. I loved that car and it sucks to lose it and be in a new boat of trying to find something when I have a lot of other things to do.

I spent a good portion of last week feeling like anything could happen - in that bitter, cynical way you pick up when you have small tragedy after small tragedy and nothing seems safe anymore. I am recovering from being weary and angry and tired of dealing with life. It's like I keep having to set my personal "workplace injury calendar" back to zero every few months, and it sucks. In a world where I already feel like I have so little control, it feels as though the world conspires to show me that I have none of it, and yes, it can be worse, here, let's show you how. But all that aside, things could have gone a lot worse, and a lot of things are going pretty well.

Life is getting better all the time

As long as we're together 

Everything's gonna be alright

Things are going reasonably well. For example, Staples just had a sale on a bunch of stuff I needed and I made a $550 purchase there - saving myself over $360. That was a great moment of yesterday. I have two wedding meetings for next year coming up. I might have another wedding for this summer, too.

On the other hand, today we looked at two cars and decided not to buy either of them. I mean, I feel like those were good decisions, but all of today was spent looking at things... The latest decision is that we're going to buy a car in the $4,000-$5,000 price range and have very little debt come of it, halving our car debt and probably making our insurance cheaper too. It's a temporary solution - we're still hoping to replace our car with a newer version of the same - but there's a limited market for automatics of that car style, and neither of us have time to properly learn to drive standard just now. Really it's less about time and more about the availability of teachers in Edmonton so we can do it over time instead of cramming, which is why I'm still not comfy with standard despite having learned a few times.

I am so exhausted all the time trying to handle a huge workload plus the car workload, which is now taking up ALL my time. Well, all my time that's not being spent responding to new inquries, which are now coming in daily - today I think I set a record for new inquiries in a week, actually. I think I'm at 8 separate inquiries this week. I am actually pretty swamped, and I just sent some emails to clients that were going to book with me later to tell them that later is now and I am reaching the absolute limits of clients I can take on at one time. Partly this is because of a couple of huge contracts, too. But there is no better problem to have than being booked solid, if you ask me! I spent tonight sending about a dozen business emails. Client communication is taking up a lot of time now - perhaps it's nearly time for a secretary! 

In random life news, there appears to be a pigeon nesting in one of the flowerboxes on our deck, which happens to be on top of another flowerbox. If we were normal people, we would shoo the pigeon and stop the madness, but on finding out that Paul had never really seen a baby bird, I decided on co-existence for this one. Baby birds are cool. (And unsanitary and all that. Don't worry, we're just going to look. Besides, if we touch the baby it might get abandoned, and that's not cool. So the baby is still theoretical, but it is spring, and we do have a pigeon that's not flying away, so we're guessing that if all goes well there will be a baby bird to enjoy. Even if it is basically a flying rat.

My final piece of news is that my music collection reached and surpassed the 11,000 track milestone yesterday, though I'll admit I'm now cheering for 12,345. 

Speaking of number things, here's three random awesome things people may not know about me, for good measure.

  • I always fill gas to a number that fits my criteria for a cool number. 42.42 is the usual mark when the tank is nearly empty (or gas prices are up.) Multiples, like $33.11, or successors like 34.56 are all popular. Very occassionally I will even do this in a way that means I have to fill up gas sooner even if it's inconvenient. Sometimes, I just try and find a number that sounds nice when you say it, and sometimes an even number will do. All in all, it makes filling gas more fun.
  • Paul's pet name for me is snugglebug. Sometimes at bedtime if I am feeling silly I'll throw up the covers over my head and make squeaky noises, and Paul will launch narration of a "snugglebug hunt" with an awesome theme, culminating by pouncing on me. I reveal this ridiculousness now because the most recent snugglebug hunt last night was in the style of a truly awful TV show called "Duck Dynasty" starring some rich, real-life hillbillies (we saw an episode while staying with family members who actually watch TV on TV) and it was epic, involving snugglebug calls (like duck calls) and tents and habitats. Several previous snugglebug hunts have been in the style of Crocodile Dundee, Rodeo, and Star Trek. I cannot wait to snugglebug hunt our eventual children as the hunter, since I am always the hunted with Paul.
  • Sometimes when I've been taking photos a lot, I start losing my ability to find words because I become so one-track minded on the visuals. It can be pretty funny for my clients on occasion. Maybe one day I'll have a really great story, but most of the time it's just vaguely embarrassing when I can't think of simple words like "stairs" and "light." 

I have this little "Habit Streak" android app on my phone that reminds me each day to do things I should do. I've recently added blogging to try and push myself to blog more frequently again - and here's the results! That app is awesome at getting habits going. Smartphone users, consider!