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Snowmen and Real Men

Wake me up, shake me up
Break me up, then put me back together
Call my name, somebody take me away
Rescue me, completely

Yesterday was my first full appointment with my therapist, and I do feel like I'm making some steady progress with life, so that's good. I am considering a great many things about myself and trying to break down the way I do things, and slowly embed habits into my life that aren't making things harder... Today I had a bit of an epiphany about my mental state when I'm not eating well, which could also prove useful in future.

Also, last evening Paul and I went to see his high school friend, musician Sarah Farthing, play at the Black Dog pub on Whyte Ave. She has those chills-down-the-spine vocal qualities that make someone a thrill to listen to, and Paul and I were loathe to talk over the music, despite the atmosphere. I have to say, though, the most exciting part of the performance was when one of the baseball-sized mirrorballs fell to the ground, missing her by inches. She said she was going to take it home as a souvenir, and I guess they gave it to her! We talked with her about her plans for the future and her experience touring for a bit. It was a great way to spend an evening with good quality live music, which I haven't had much of for awhile.

I was proud of myself for walking the seven or eight long blocks to the pub and back, quite a bit more than I usually walk in a day, and a beautiful day to be walking. Whyte Ave is celebrating spring a bit early, what with some clothing out on sidewalk sale and at least one place with their outdoor patio open. There were also cute dogs on the hunt for some nifty smells with their owners. 

A couple of days ago, Paul and I made a snowman in the park by the library! We have decided to, at the very least, make an annual snowman as a tradition. 

I have been spending some of my insomniac nights in pursuit of a better website and higher client turnover - and also looking through all the TripAdvisor ratings of the Cuban resort we'll be staying at. 

Something that is almost unbelievable to me is that Paul's last final is on Wednesday. We're not at the end of the road yet, there's two more placements coming up, Paul has to write his thesis, and late this year he will have to write a certification test, which I'm sure won't be too bad. All in all though, the end is now firmly in sight. To school anyway. There's a sadly large amount of debt which we will be stuck paying off for some time. But with both of us working and bringing in some money, it should be a transition into an easier life over a while. 

Life is looking up! And now it's time for me to east some pasta with cheese sauce. =)

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