No Loafing

Life in the Loafing Lane

Yesterday (well, I'm still awake, so still sort of today) consisted of:
  • Remarking, or hearing and responding to Paul's remarks about the zero-visibility thickness of intermittent flurries of snow
  • A scary appointment that resulted in hopefulness
  • I woke up from a weird and disturbing dream, which involved a Catholic Holy Feast Day for Saints Killed By Alligator. I kid you not.
  • Tackling some admin work I needed to do for myself which took me the better part of the day
  • Receiving a welcome to our new parish (St. Theresa's) which made us smile and was signed with a smiley face by Father Jim and included a brief bio of the parish patron Saint, Therese of Lisieux, whose writings I have looked at a little. (A previous church sent us a welcome signed by the church treasurer with details of different methods of giving - and nothing else. It was titled welcome, but wasn't welcoming or even tactful, which made this a breath of air.)
  • Getting exciting air mail from Singapore, thanks to eBay. It was just a cheap cord for my smartphone, but cool that it was from Singapore, I've never had mail from Singapore before.
  • Finishing a book which was very satisfying - and starting the next one in the series
  • Observing Ash Wednesday at the parish, and realizing belatedly that neither Paul nor I had any plans for Lent and thinking about it together
  • Watching a teen girl protest to Father Jim, "Don't ditch me!" when he turned to talk to us tonight. Paul and I lost it laughing, and it's the most hilarious priestly interaction I've seen so far.
  • Did I mention Father Jim is awesome? He made the double fist pull (or, colloquially, the "Booyeah!") gesture to celebrate the full church tonight. Also provoking gales of laughter.
  • Finding random forgotten food in the freezer, including smokies, cake, and leftover pizza. It's like a treasure hunt in the Antarctic
  • There are pigeons attempting to make their home on our balcony. I have armed myself with a water gun again. I know, I know, it's winter, but this means WAR. 
  • I tried to relax a bit, and succeeded, for the most part!