flying paper


And so I found a state of mind
Where I could be speechless
I had to try it for a while
To figure out this feeling

My Grandma told me on the phone the other day (while I was trying out my nifty new bluetooth that makes my phone road-legal here) that my journal is a broken record. Where did the time go? Why haven't I blogged? I should blog more. Life is busy. 


Things and days continue to happen at a most alarming rate, which on one hand is excellent because it means life will stabilize in almost exactly 200 days when Paul is finished his program, and in fact it will stabilize just a little in about 50 days when he finishes classes and only has practicums left.

It seems like only yesterday that I got my new smartphone, found the blog of the guy who posted a hilarious ad for a snowblower, learned how to adjust my car door mirrors to eliminate the blind spot effect entirely (really!) and set up a booth an amazingly successful Wedding trade show. Well, actually, that was on Sunday, so if it seems like yesterday it's not too much of a time warp.

My friends Cathleen and Garrett drove in together (having never met before) to help me with my trade show. Despite being a much slower show than previously (I'd estimate there were half the people there compared to last year), it was very successful - I've had five brides contact me already to further discuss packages, and one couple has already booked my big all-inclusive package, which means I have another wedding upcoming in May. I am so excited about the possibility that there will be many weddings this year, and lots of them will be full service weddings, meaning I get to shoot lots. I made sure that Cathleen got to visit Cora's for breakfast while she was there, since she had fond memories of it from her time in Montreal and I had fond memories of it from my honeymoon. In a fun twist of fate, we ended up with a French menu - or rather, I ended up with it and then traded her since my knowledge of French is limited to basic words and pronunciation in classical singing. 

Today I went to my carefully chosen new doctor for the first time. (I spent about four hours a couple of weeks ago researching reviews for all the doctors who appeared to be accepting patients and he was well reviewed.) He was brusque compared to my doctor in Saskatoon, but not alarmingly so, and he dealt with all the issues I presented and agreed to refer me to a battery of specialists, the most notable of which being the Eating Disorder Program in Calgary, which I really hope to be able to take advantage of - it's an Alberta Health program for all of Alberta that offers support to those suffering from all forms of eating disorders, not just anorexia, and includes a battery of health professionals comprehensively looking at your case and providing counselling to you and your family. It feels like a ray of hope. He's also referring me to a dietician here since there's no telling how long the program will take to accept me and a dermatologist, and has requested a thorough bloodwork screening to figure out if there's anything seriously wrong with my digestive system. All in all, it was a good experience. Well, I haven't had the bloodwork yet, so maybe I'm speaking too soon! I'm a bit like getting blood from a stone. 

I am adjusting very well to having a smartphone, particularly now that I have access to the awesomeness that is Shazam (a program that identifies music by "listening" to it), Prize Claw (a ridiculously addictive arcade-like claw game), and dare I say it, Angry Birds. The best part is getting my email as it happens, so it doesn't pile up so badly without being read/responded to, though the read emails are piling up without me archiving them now. That's just because the busyness is a little ridiculous these days, what with the two tradeshows in two weekends - the one at the West Ed is this weekend coming, as well as a Rehab Med Gala that same day, which I've been hired to do a photobooth for. Since having the smartphone, I've also found a great add-on to make my business website mobile-friendly, which is great because I have a ton of people visiting via smartphone these days. 

My new printer that I ordered has arrived, and as well as functioning as a fax machine, photocopier, excellent office-scanner, and giant lump in the middle of my office area, it prints gorgeous pictures. Consequently I've added on-site prints to the Admire Studios list of offered items, which means lugging it around, but it also means a better chance of booking photobooths with people. 

I feel like I've been busy buying things quite frequently, really. Lots of small things, things for the shows, things for life. Today I got two steals of deals from eBay, which always makes me a happy camper. Plus I stopped off at Value Village on the way home and got a shirt for Paul and one for me, which I called a shopping spree. Paul told me that spending less than $15 didn't qualify as a shopping spree, but I can't help but disagree in our current financial climate! Deals make me happy though, which I think runs in my family... I'm probably going back tomorrow to see if the $5 small paper shredder is still there too. 

I've been reading a lot with varying levels of success - this week I read two books, one of which (a novel about Madame Tussaud) I adored and the other I absolutely hated. I've been using GoodReads to try and keep track of what I want to read, which generally means I read more and request more things from the library - which now has a system to remind me of due dates in advance, which should save me about $3-5 a month at this rate.

Paul and I have been rescuing coupons from the recycle bins in the mailroom, so eating out is going to be cheap this month! Not to mention the $5 footlong sale at Subway. 

And that's all I can think of to say just now. Today was an exciting day. 

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