awaken me

Stuffed with all manner of Saturdays

A partial post, backposted later. 

I may or may not have gotten up in the morning on Wednesday, seen the pile of cash from the valuable item I sold to a Kijiji buyer last night, done a little happy dance and said in rap-fashion, "Yeah, that's right, my assets just got liquid!"
I am obviously spending way too much time studying for this exam, but it's on Saturday which is coming right up, along with the return of the long awaited husband on Friday evening, whose abscence has been far too long and whose presence will fill me with great joy. Sadly, I am booked for a consultation on Friday evening, I have the securities exam on Saturday morning, a photoshoot Saturday afternoon, and a corporate Christmas party photoshoot on Saturday evening followed by Family Christmas on Sunday morning and a photoshoot Sunday afternoon...

I am tired from working at this temp job - not so much from the work, although it does make me a bit sluggish sitting about for most of the day, but from having to awaken at about 6:15 and not getting home until about 5:30 - and only getting paid for 8 of those hours - is an annoying consequence of working in a slightly-out-of-town job. In all other ways it's a great place to work and I enjoy the co-workers here. On Tuesday one lady spent her entire lunch break chatting with me about barefoot-theory running shoes and other interesting things.
There's a little smoking shed out here, a designated place for smoking, so the facility remains safe. They have stuff like oxygen tanks and the like around here. But it makes me think about the community that smoking creates - at a workplace, the smokers get to go out at breaktime and hang out together - and if they were to give up smoking, they'd be giving that up. That's a powerful incentive not to stop, really.