snowmen in the snow

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Workmas

I don’t wanna miss out on the holiday
But I can’t stop staring at your face
I should be playing in the winter snow
But I’m gonna be under the mistletoe

I took a temp position with that temp reception jobs place I talked to after my time at the wedding store. For today-past and tomorrow as well as next week, which will be a tidy little sum. It's in a little industrial wasteland place called Nisku, and the commute there in the morning is about half an hour, while the commute back is 45 minutes to an hour on a three lane highway that's packed full of people and any space has weavers trying to get there faster. It's a gongshow.

It's a nice workplace though, and despite having been away from reception work for quite some time (aside from my own business anyway) I've been enjoying the change of pace. Also, they have a hot water spigot. My day has been made before I even get there - I have a nice big thermos and a tin of different tea flavours (the ones that don't go bitter when you leave the bag in like peppermint and licorice, which were the two I had today. It will also keep my voice from going, since on a heavy-phonecall day I'll be talking more than I have in months. Well, since I worked at the wedding store. My voice almost went out there too.

I was really tired tonight though. I need to make sure I get enough rest over the weekend and don't push myself too hard next week. I'm sure the job itself won't be too crazy, but doing all the other things I need to do could possibly push it over the edge!

That's the last Paul-less week though! And not only that, but I write that crazy exam just before he gets back, so I'll be free of that, and a few days later my friend Leah is coming to visit me here in Edmonton! I am ecstatic about having two whole days to enjoy each other's company. Between her and Paul and family Christmas in Edmonton, it's going to be a good thing.

Paul and I have decided to drive back to Saskatoon again for the Giant Family Christmas from Paul's Mom's side, a get together on the 29th. We both really enjoy the party and it'll be nice to see everyone who's coming.

I did my semi-annual re-work the iPod playlist evening tonight after lighting the candles for some nice evening ambiance after a harried disc-burning for a client and two clients coming to pick things up this evening. I'm continuing to get inquiries and book people for consultations and sessions for Christmas and the New Year. I just won a Company Christmas party contract, and hope to enjoy documenting it for them. All in all, December is shaping up to be a really busy but really lucrative month, which suits me just fine - the better this month goes financially, the less we have to worry about the leaner winter months to come.

Speaking of the iPod though, I think I've had it nearly four years now, maybe more. Hard to believe - it's served me really well, and let's hope it continues to until well after the end of Paul's degree. I added a few excellent new Christmas albums to the list this year and really hope to enjoy them on my LONG COMMUTE. Did I mention it's almost an hour?

I hung up some fake berries that my Grandma had attached to one of our Christmas gifts on the dining room lamp, in hopes that it can be a good stand in for mistletoe and will come to good use in making up for lost time when my love comes back... =) We just wrote each other nice romantic love letters and mailed them out in the snail mail this week, so that's a fun thing to do while we're apart - and Skype is playing a huge role in our evenings as we discuss all manner of things. It's hard to be without cuddles on a night like tonight when I'm so exhausted, so I decided to do what I always used to do when I was alone - blog.

Also, tomorrow night I've bought a ticket to a concert - Ron Kenoly, whom I went to see once in Saskatoon and REALLY enjoyed.
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