newsong (newsong) wrote,

Things Continue to Happen

My heart points north longing
'Cause without you

I'm an ice cube melting

My accomplishments this week have been varied, and chief among them has been not having a daily breakdown about losing my husband to this placement. It's hard and lonely, and despite the attempt to bury myself in work and books, I remain a bit listless most of the time without the constant touch and affection and help. At least I'm not doing too badly in the food area considering - and it's only a week and a half of solid work before I take off to Saskatoon for a week and a half to be with my love. Not so bad! Really!

Both yesterday and today had some more visible accomplishments as well. Yesterday I spent the better part of the day in South Common, having left my vehicle for a triple-play at the Mr. Lube - seasonal tire changeover, windshield chip fix, and oil change. Having never had a car with a short stroke engine, it's been worrying to hear the car grouching as soon as the time for oil change comes up. I am assured by my brother-in-law that this is normal with short stroke engines. So apparently it's got great pick up when it's full, but it's a whiny petulant child when it's hungry... Can't have everything I suppose.

After that I came home feeling a bit stir crazy after the three hour wait, which was itself only mildly productive - if you consider a forced rest and shopping time productive. I ate a lovely lunch at Earls with a bit of my birthday money, a the waitress was very kind to me even though I was by myself in the lounge, which is often a recipe for being ignored. I also picked up a couple of things at Walmart, the only exciting part of which was the two strings of outdoor Christmas lights, which I put up on our balcony last night. It's been forever since I've had a place to put lights up, and I've never had somewhere so visible - thousands of people will see these pretty lights. I hope it makes them happy. My next order of business was to start on the literal mountain of dishes that had been collecting since the week before Paul left. I had put a few choice items that I'd completely run out of in the dishwasher the night before - forks, bowls, spatulas, etc. earlier, but I put a few more things in. And then I started on the stir fry that I'd bought some ingredients for a few days ago, which ended up tasty as usual. There's a good deal of food in the house, so I certainly won't go hungry any time soon. Just need to eat more fruit.

Today I had my first day of a three day set of workshops where a lady talked about SEO. I learned tons, and came away with far more than my modest hope had been before coming out. I also have a photographer friend to sit and lunch with, so that's a nice thing too, I don't always have company at these things. It was awesome, and there's two days left, which I have higher hopes for - but even if they're not as good, today was worth the full price anyway.

This evening I did two more selective dishwasher loads and puttered around the house, clearing random things off the floor and couch in the main living area. By the end of next week, my energy spurts should put most of this place to rights - even the actual cleaning. I'll have to tackle the bathtub, but I've had a couple of lessons in bathtub cleaning from the expert husband himself, so that should be fairly easy.

Finally, I also did a little more studying for the contract writing exam, and got to the end of a whole unit - I did the little multiple choice test at the end without reviewing anything and only understanding the material a little, and I still got 10/15 questions right. Considering I have no idea what any of this stuff means really and I barely skimmed most of it going through, that's not too shabby. And I have over a month to work on it yet. The current plan is to be done the exam by mid December and ready to integrate into the job for January-March, their busy season, and keep our cashflow going strong until Paul's done school, and then some.

My social engagements and meetings keep getting cancelled - either I have to move things or something comes up for someone else... At least they'll all get rescheduled without too much of an issue.

Tomorrow is another full day of seminar, which means I'll be out in the world and learning. Good places to be.

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