Separation Day 2

All the weak
Find their strength
At the sound of Your great name 

These posts pretty much always begin with, "A lot has happened since I last posted" because that's what I always think upon beginning to type a gargantuan narrative of all the notable things that have occurred in the last week-month. When I say "week-month" I am using it in the colloquial sense rather than as a time period between a week and a month, as Paul and I often talk of "day-weeks" and "week-months" and "month-years" when referring to how time is tending to pass an in inconveniently slow speed while we're busy these days, instead of it's usual busy rush.

In dumpster diving news, I've just transported a ridiculously heavy but perfectly sized white, doorless wooden shelving cabinet in an attempt to try and store all my photography equipment in one place, and to create a more usable space in the corner of the room that used to house our big fat nifty chair with some random crap behind it. Previously, none of our sitting area furniture faced each other in any way before, which made conversation awkward in small groups - the cool chair was then moved to facilitate conversation, which was great, but it left an empty hole that kept getting filled with ugly storage stuff in the living room, which was not pretty. This cabinet is a little more sightly, but it could certainly use doors or a curtain or something - but that's a project for later when life's not so packed with more pressing obligations. 

Working backwards from my day to covering the last week or so, tonight I had choir where I'm really starting to catch on to some of the Christmas music and really quite liking all of the music, today I tried desperately to do productive things and failed, generally, which is unfortunate but I can't be productive every day. Perhaps tomorrow will be better. Paul and I are handling our separation fairly well thus far. I mean, I'm feeling the loss already, but I know that the next while I'm going to be just going from one piece of work to the next most of the time, and Skype is helping us to keep in touch already, so it's not like he's incommunicado or anything. I've rescheduled my planned visiting time to be for a longer period of time in the middle of the placement rather than a couple of short stopovers every two weeks. Mainly this is because of work constraints - I'm on a Christmas Card time frame, which means the later I finish most of my photo sessions, the fewer people will end up ordering from me and the less money I'll make that I need. With babies on the brain thanks to the new niece and a need to watch something where the visuals were unimportant I also watched a bit of the pro-home birth documentary "The Business of Being Born" which offers a critique of the OB/GYN and hospital birthing processes which, even while watching it with a grain of salt, continues to confirm my feelings on dealing with high level health professionals in general, after my truly awful surgery experience (literally almost getting killed by a nurse who wasn't listening to me) and being bullied by my dentist into getting my wisdom teeth removed in a traumatic procedure that I was, again, bullied into the day of after they messed up the order for the drugs to put me under that I'd requested. So that was interesting to listen to and to talk to Paul about today. Of course, I've been meaning to have a home birth for quite some time, I'm just starting to research it now that we're thinking about starting a larger family in the forseeable future, within a few years from now.

Yesterday I was in Saskatoon still (seems like a week ago), and had a lovely brunch with my Gran and Mom - I say brunch because we had a breakfast of lunch food - perogies with onion alfredo sauce and farmer sausage, which is one of my favourite meals ever and we talked about several different interesting topics. They enjoyed my Minecrafting tales of pig riding and such, and we talked about the new and freakish laser surgery that can turn brown eyes blue, at least, they say blue, but don't go thinking some nice shade of blue like a normal person, think weird purples and grays and royal blues that look ridiculous - and there's no way of telling which of those you'll end up with - permanently. Not cool, my family and I agree. After that I saw Paul for half an hour over lunch before heading back to Edmonton, with a grocery-buying pit stop in Lloydminster (Yay, the Paul is away, the Twyla will have 3.25% milk with her cereal!) - 5 episodes of This American Life later I reached home, winning the parking lottery by getting the spot right next to the door. I always love winning the parking lottery!

The day before that was my birthday - a long, hard workday at Chantal's wedding. It was a great wedding, and I loved spending all that time with them, and I have a million fantastic photos, but the night before I'd barely slept (too narrow a bed, too fluctuating heat, not good at blanket sharing) so it was quite a haul to get through the whole day, from a 6:30am wake up call to the 6:30pm finish. Paul and I then went to Keo's to celebrate a successful wedding and my birthday, but the food was way below their usual caliber (I'd been actively looking forward to eating there again for almost 3 months) and though we told two staff when they asked about our meals that it was below our usual standards for Keos, we weren't offered a discounted meal - bad form, folks. Bad form. I wonder if they've switched cooks or something.  Anyway, that was disappointing.

The day before that we'd driven in to Saskatoon, leaving stupid early in the morning to get there in time to set up the photobooth at the reception hall and attend the rehearsal, which was good. As weddings go, Paul and I were really impressed with it in many ways, and we've seen our fair share, particularly this year.

I barely remember the Thursday previous, but the Wednesday before that I picked up Paul's Mom at the bus station and later got to meet and hold Claire, our new niece, for the first time. She's beautiful, with a shock of unruly hair just like her Dad and a nose like her mom, and I'm looking forward to seeing her again tomorrow night, which is the current plan. 

It's about time to start thinking about bedtime, I think. Tomorrow holds two photoshoots and then a whole bunch of preview posting and hopefully some editing finishing work in there, too...