exists, loch ness monster

So much keeps happening...

But when you're with me
I make you believe
That I've got the key

What a rollercoaster of a weekend! I shot family photos for seven different families, and would have shot more if it hadn't been rained out for two sessions on Sunday afternoon. Meeting and shooting family photos with so many different families is very interesting - seeing how different people parent, enjoying the variety of personalities to be found in young children, and above all, smiling at the little light in my soul that burns for having my own child in the next few years.

We also had company yesterday evening - a couple we'd met and enjoyed our time with at the very start of the summer. It was lovely to meet with them and share conversations about our lives and our summer, and when they left they asked if we were good enough friends to hug. Such lovely, genuine people are a joy to be around, and we're pleased to be developing strong, lasting relationships here. The Ogopogo/Loch Ness obsession I had for several years came up in conversation last night, and thus my icon. =)

Work is often a bit on the slow side when I'm here, but I try to serve people as best I can, and find that I enjoy parts of the service industry a great deal. Interacting with people who are clearly pleased to have my company while they try on their gowns is my very favourite part of the day. I am excited about having a few days off this week from that job, which will hopefully give me the time to launch into some editing - though I am planning on taking the whole morning off tomorrow to just lounge about, which will be bliss of a level not reached in weeks!

Looks like the rest of this month will be reasonable in the busyness area. Let's hope!