Everything's Going My Way

I've got a beautiful feeling
Everything's going my way

I am so bouncy and excited right now! It has just been that kind of day. This morning my boss called to see if I'd like the evening off work since things were looking to be slow, and I gladly accepted. Which enabled me to have a get-things-done sort of day, despite my being quite a tired person. I tried taking a nap, but my brain is too buzzy. Too much is happening, but that's alright. I'm happy with that.

I guess I should back up... The Bridal Conference tradeshow this weekend was a great success - even though the show was much slower than it should have been, the new strategies that Paul and I had been developing for a successful tradeshow were implemented to great effect. This evening I booked my first wedding from the show, and the girl and her Mom who booked were saying how the little flipbooks we'd created to help people get a feel for whether Admire Studios was a good fit were a great idea, and they had really felt like I was offering what they needed! They had been really impressed and pleased with what I was offering. I have another wedding I'm fairly certain will book as well, and at least five other people who I'm fairly certain I'm an option for - and most of them are absolutely perfect clients whom I'd love to work with. That's a great turnout.

My good friend Chantal was in for the weekend to help out with the show. We got to talk and commiserate a little, but the highlight was going out and taking fall photos together. Which included playing around in the leaves, and editing the photos together afterwards. I am shooting Chantal's wedding in about a month here, and we're going to do something a little different with the editing for her wedding!

On Tuesday night I had choir again, and I'm liking it more and more! The people are so kind to me, and the challenge of reading music and being part of a group of blended voices raised in worship is just such a blessing.

I'm simultaneously running a deal on one of those Daily Group-Buy Deal sites right now that runs for a week (up since Monday), and I broke my conservative goal of 25 sold already - we're at 31 and counting! I also broke my monetary goal of making $1000 with the deal, and we're well past that now. It should cover any expenses incurred in the deal followup, though I'm really only being paid in a totally fresh portfolio. I've already shot one of the shoots (a spectacularly cute Edmonton newborn portrait session) and I have two sessions tomorrow and three each Saturday and Sunday! I actually have ten sessions over the next week or so (including the session I already shot.) I have a whole lot of editing to do, but with my new work schedule it looks like I'll actually have the time to do it!

Paul and I went out for lunch by walking to the burrito place to celebrate after re-doing our budget with the new expected incomes and seeing the negative numbers pretty much go away. If we're careful we might be looking at a couple of thousand dollars in surplus! What a great blessing. And the burrito place, called Burrito Libre, is still AMAZING.

Tonight I did some quick shopping before my meeting with the interested wedding folk and procured a great case for our E-reader, complete with matching leather and a light, for $25, on sale at Future Shop. I was there to pick up another memory card so I have fast cards for all my photoshoots - including the upcoming weddings and more.

To cap off my wonderful evening, something else fun happened - I'll have to start before that though. Our brother-in-law had promised Paul to buy him a copy of a multiplayer-networking game for his birthday called "minecraft" which is a very pixelated game with a great premise - mine and deforest and raise animals and garden, build a mansion for yourself, fight off the enemies of the world.... It's a bit like homesteading really. And it's fantastically fun. The last time they came over to our house they bought us a copy, and even though I only spent a few minutes at it, I really liked it. Then it got even better! Thursday nights people get together to play on the network in our own little world...

Tonight after fiddling a bit with the controls and getting blown up by an enemy character, I rebuilt the entire garden from scratch while talking over Skype to all of my new siblings as we built our own little world together. I honestly haven't had this much fun in over a year. I'm thinking my Thursday evenings have a greater purpose now. =)

My albums came in - a day late for the show sadly, but they are absolutely gorgeous. I am so proud of them, and the years of work that went into them if you're thinking long term, like education and drive to become a true professional. I think I am more proud of them than any other single creation I've made since my art show cabinet several years ago.

So today's been AWESOME and this week's been pretty good in general!

Now I just can't wait to go home for Thanksgiving. We'll be back Friday night to Monday afternoon... Just enough time to see some people we miss and give thanks for the new people we're getting to know here. There are so many blessings to give thanks for. So many indeed.