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Small Things Are Cute

Oh, I’m running to Your arms,
I’m running to Your arms
The riches of Your love
Will always be enough
Nothing compares to Your embrace
Light of the world forever reign

It's been a completely nuts week. I wanted to actually post regarding our experiences at the Model Train Show and the Farmer's Market last Saturday at the very least!

The farmer's market, as usual, was an excellent use of our time. There's a person who makes stuffed "monsters" that are the cutest things you've ever seen. Every time Paul and I go by there we want to buy one. It's actually on our official "to do next year" list. We tried a delectable garden salsa with a sweet tang, some wonderfully flavoured chicken sausages, and we marvelled at the variety of "rainbow" food packages, where variety creates a really nifty look. We're hoping to stop by briefly to buy a week's worth of fresh food on Saturday morning this week before setting up for the Bridal show.

I did not bring my camera to the model train show, which was probably a good idea because of how little time we had to canvass two whole halls of miniatures due to my working that afternoon. I really love miniature things - as Paul will attest. Every time we go to a kitchen store that has miniature tongs or spatulas or sieves, my voice gets all high pitched and cutesy. (This happened today.) My tom-boyish fourteen year old self would be appalled at the sheer volume of girliness that erupts from me at the mere sight of a miniature thing. Therefore a model train show is pretty much the best thing ever. Especially when some of the characters that are to be found are a wedding photographer on a bridge with a wedding party, Captain America, Cylons, and more - not to mention the awesome waterfalls, lumber mills, drafting offices complete with drawing boards and blueprints - all at a scale where the people are less than an inch high. I will definitely keep model train shows in mind for the future. The very best part, though, was the guy who had a completely enclosed world in a glass-topped coffee table. That is something I MUST not only own, but create as a beloved project over time with Paul. =)

On Tuesday I went to choir at my new church for the first time and learned a song I really love, as well as three others I quite like. It's different being in a fully organized gospel choir, with as much musical talent as my old secular choir had, but with prayer and fellowship and a wonderful atmosphere of praise. I have a feeling I am going to really love this choir as time goes by. Especially if Paul's next placement is away from Edmonton and I must stay here for work. I am particularly pleased with the friendliness of the ladies I've met there so far. What a blessing to be enveloped in a church family again. I don't understand how I lived a whole year without it. I already feel myself becoming a better person, coming back to who I was trying to become before this drought I've been having.

After considering purchase of a nice thick curling iron to help me make my hair wavy instead of scruffy, or straight with a curl on the ends instead of... scruffy, I got one today at Value Village. (I stopped by since I had a moment and was on the right side of the street.) Since I found it priceless, it was priced at $2 instead of the $5 the others were priced at. Yay! I also bought some tiny terracotta pots to help me give away more aloe plants. So far, two plants have each found a home. Paul named one Amadeus, upon demand of the recipient that the plant be named, since other friends named theirs Gregory. I feel a bit like a plant adoption center, since my silly plant won't stop spreading it's seed. Hee hee.

Thanks to picking up some candy for the show, I have discovered Peach Penguin gummy candies, which taste exactly like a peach in candy form - all the lovely taste of fruit, without any of the parts that are good for you! They also look like tiny penguins, which makes them even MORE cute and awesome. Candy stores are growing on me, though I'm still not much of a sweet tooth.

Today I went to three different banks for three different reasons. One to close an account which was a relief, one to get parking money which was sorely needed, and one to have my new credit card activated after a fraud scare. (My hairdresser had someone break in and steal their debit machine records a while back. Crazyness.)

I have my fingers crossed that my shipment that I need to arrive by tomorrow will... arrive by tomorrow. Had to be the most important shipment of the year - my new show albums - to get stuck in customs for two whole days. Really.

Holding on tight, because these next few weeks are going to be a wild ride...
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