rawr, dinosaur love

Winter is a'comin and a chill is in the breeze...

As much as it thrills me
I want to get off this ride

I am so tired today. Not that that is unusual these days. Work was a little busier than expected this week, with a co-worker off due to a back muscle strain, which sounds unpleasant. I did enjoy helping a few girls look for the perfect dress today, and landed a little more graphics work. Above all, I had today off, which these days merely means different kinds of work and a chance to sit by the computer more, in lieu of lifting 20kg dresses over my head, which is nice.

Paul is dog tired himself and took a nap shortly after getting home from University. Yesterday I had the girl whose album I was going to design come in, and within an hour (thanks to my album formula I developed and some good sorting software) we had chosen the images - today I designed that album, and she okayed the changes this afternoon as Paul napped.

Now I sit with a cup of tea at this late hour after designing a cute ad for work and before finishing the editing on Damian and Leona's wedding, contemplating the fact that I intend to get up early tomorrow morning to wait for the FedEx guy and hope he comes while I'm still home! I'm forever recieving packages and picking things up and dropping things off in the advent of the fall season, the tradeshow, and more. Then, though I usually have tomorrow off, I'll be going in all day, and half of Saturday.

My favourite part of today was becoming the vegetable chain gang with Paul as we prepped enough vegetables to create a half-stockpot of stir-fried veggies, one or two types at a time. (Green and red peppers, portabello mushrooms, snap peas, zuchinni, onions, bok choy, and garlic with teriyaki sauce. Delectable.) During the endless chopping, Paul and I watched the End of the World Christmas Special of Dr. Who, wherein I was forced to say goodbye to David Tennant, whose acting as Dr. Who I really enjoyed. I hear the new Doctor is pretty good as well, and I await confirmation the next time Paul and I have time to watch TV, likely while making supper. It was a great use of all our lovely fresh food we picked up a few days ago.

I am reading a particularly excellent book called Graceling about a society where the people with special powers have two different eye colors. It's actually a really awesome book, and the different graces are really interesting. Highly recommended.

At least Paul and I get cuter when we're tired instead of grouchy most of the time.

I am enjoying the progress of fall color out our window when I am home, and on Whyte Ave when I go down it for work the leaves are rustling about. Paul and I have grand plans on Saturday morning for a date day involving a model train show and the Farmer's Market! Hopefully that works out.
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