mountains of books

Scaling the Walls of the Final Year

I should probably be sleeping, but things happen, and I want to record them. This evening after work, some time spent budgeting, and the decision to eat away from home this evening, Paul and I went epic grocery shopping (Costco, Superstore, and Wal-Mart), packing a grocery list of some thirty items that quickly grew to about $400 worth of canned, frozen, fresh, and versatile food for us to consume in the coming months. I've actually been a bit afraid lately that I wouldn't be able to keep us in food for the next few months since my erranding time is so limited as to be non-existent.

Paul is stressed about his first full week of school. He has the best assignment though - I had to find him a set of 24 pencil crayons to color in his Parts of the Brain Coloring Book. I kid you not. Apparently he has the best neuroscience prof ever, and this is actually a totally serious assignment. Great stuff, isn't it?

Human Brain Coloring Book and Pencil Crayons

It's a terrible photo, I know, but I was short on time tonight - every minute I spend blogging is a minute I don't get to sleep!

Today I got a few of my final touches for the Bridal Conference setup in the mail - photos for the frames I got for free at the garage sale, and one big 20x30 print of a bride and groom from this summer.

My wedding on Saturday was an insanely long day, but I certainly learned from the experience in many ways. It was my first reception setting up plug-in strobe lights, which created a very different set of bright, stop-motion images for me, and I'm quite pleased with them. I hope to get a chance to do some hardcore wedding editing on Wednesday. It's been so nuts around here... Paul's been quite an amazing helpmate though. He came with me to do the marathon grocery night tonight, he's gone through all the paper I had boxed up and compiled a single box that needs filing, which is a huge accomplishment, believe me. I feel very supported, and soon it's mostly going to be me supporting him as we progress back into the school season. The final school season of our lives, likely, until we have youngsters.

I am reading a book that Paul finished not so long ago called Graceling and I am quite enjoying it. If only I had more time!! At least work has been slower this week, which is a bit more relaxing.