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When the world keeps spinning round
My world's upside down and I
I wouldn't change a thing

I have been at my new job almost two weeks now, and despite how tired it makes me, I find I am quite happy there. There's something about serving people in a semi-expert capacity that I find gives me as much pleasure as a consultant on wedding gowns as I find in being a graphic designer or photographer. Happily, I am able to promote myself in those two areas as well! I have been promoting my photography or design an average of twice a day - which as a form of advertising truly adds up over time (hundreds of targeted people in a month!) By the time I am finished working with them, they have already gotten to know me at least a bit, and that exposure is great. But don't for a minute think that these people are merely some kind of conquest to me. I only ask people whom I enjoyed spending time with and would like to spend more time with - people who helped make my day special.

I am shooting a wedding on Saturday for a bride who came into the store and was a little shocked to see me, but she was able to introduce me to her Mom, and I got a rare dress preview (only the second bride whose dress I've seen before shooting)

Despite the occasional bad experiences, I really enjoy working in the wedding industry. It's a celebratory time in people's lives! It's funny, I actually briefly considered becoming an embalmer. I definitely think I'm a bit better suited to the wedding market than I would have been to the funeral market.

I have been working my butt off to complete all my outstanding contracts (wedding photos, family photos, a boudoir shoot, two graphics contracts, a website contract, and my own prep for Bridal Conference) and though I like to be busy and I'm enjoying this busy spell, the knowledge that it may very well last for another six months is scary. I keep trying to say to myself, "After Bridal Conference it will slow down!" and then a few seconds later, "Well, except for the follow-up. And the contracts I have in October and November. And Christmas, and December being busy at the bridal store..." And I can keep on finding the back to back strings of To Do lists until around March. And shortly after March begins wedding season, which I will hopefully have booked solid. And what about all the things I can't do because I'm so busy, like a whole year's worth of filing and billing and craziness. It all seems rather hopeless. But in 338 days Paul finishes school and we'll be starting a new stage of life. Maybe then I can re-focus back to the kind of laid-back busybodying I was doing last year when I thought I was busy. =)

The biggest downside is that time with Paul has dwindled down to mutual debriefings and cuddling, with the occasional meal together. We'll have to make the weekends count.

I should definitely mention that we had Corrina and Brian over. We split up gender-wise - Brian took Paul out to teach him how to trawl the pawn shops for good deals and Corrina and I went vintage shopping - we found a good used bookshop (called the Untitled Bookshop) where I bought a lovely edition of The Wind in the Willows that I plan to treasure and to read to our future children. Corrina also took me about to the scene stores - though I've no whiff of punk or goth in me, some of the random junk was really funny. I particularly liked the singing and dancing pickle (no word of a lie) and the Robot Monkey Kleenex which Corrina bought a small packet of. There were other bits of randomness as well.

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It's awesome that this job will in itself help you to transition to your photography business full-time. It's nice that it can be a means to that end, as well as to just make some money on the side for now :D I'm really glad that's working out for you!