Stop To Look Around

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it.

The words of a certain famous hooky-player may be true, but I don't really play hooky myself and though I admire Ferris' moxie every once and awhile, I'll never be that sort of person. This leads to inordinate amounts of responsibility, work, and other stuff that's isn't remotely as fun as a garage full of someone else's cars. But there are definitely some fun bits!

Last night I hosted my new photographer-friend Michelle and her two awesome kids - there was much bubble blowing, paper airplane making (if you remember that calendar you gave Paul, Mom) and other playing with our box of "The Coolest Stuff Ever" - which was very well recieved. Particularly the Lego. It was lovely to have them over here and to have kids in our house, which had not ever happened before. This weekend another couple of friends of ours are coming to visit - Paul is taking the man of the family out to used bookstores and pawn shops, and I'm taking the lady out to the best vintage/punk/retro stores that Edmonton has to offer, all of which are within walking distance from our place.

In RRR news, I had been hankering after one of those flat roller carts you can rent from the moving company with your Uhaul. I have a ton of gear and other stuff I carry everywhere, and then there's tradeshow setup and more. So I took a trip to the local Re-Store (Habitat for Humanity's thrift used hardware store.) $11.50 bought me the wheels, hardware, and cabinet door to make this:

I tried moving our table around on it and it worked great! The cord provides reasonable steering and everything! And I think it even looks pretty nice. I also remembered a knot I'd tried learning ages ago.

In other news, the awesome rolling kitchen servery/island that I fixed up is pictured here. Sorry I didn't think about taking a "before" picture. It was filthy, the door was hanging off as well as the front of the large drawer, and it was filled with plastic bags with all the drawers in various states of openness before I found it.

Yesterday I went to Value Village's 50% off sale and purchased a whole bag of clothing for my new job at about $3 a piece including a like new jacket and pant set in a light and fashionable looking textured brown for $5 together, as well as the beginnings of a collection of stuff we need to make our homemade Christmas presents and a couple of other things, including the large house-shaped teapot. I filled it with water to check - it doesn't even drip! I think it's really cute, but Paul isn't quite as big a fan. YET.

So I feel like the re-use thing is going really well for me!

Today was my first day of work at the new job, which was a positive experience, though I am very, very tired. The good news for my business is that she's cool with me displaying my photography and graphic design stuff in prominent places in the store and taking down names and numbers to meet with people as long as I don't neglect the job.

More on life some other day. I am exhausted and there's a husband waiting for cuddles. =)