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Choices and Shoes

When the world has dealt its cards
When the hand is hard
Together we'll mend your heart

As of today our dealings with banks have brought us to a conclusion, if not yet a close: We are pretty much definitely switching to TD - they've given us great service and a great deal on the credit we needed.

I have spent this week madly creating things and sleeping very little, but as a consequence of frequent social contact and constant creativity, I feel like I'm back at the U of S and I feel much like myself. I've felt for so long like a part of me was missing, but the truth is it was others who were missing, not any part of myself. Having figured this out, social contact will have to become a priority. Though, with my new job, small-time social contact in general will increase.

Speaking of social contact, Paul's Mom is in town this weekend to visit with Paul's quite pregnant (due in October) sister and with us. It was a lovely visit as always! She took us all out to dinner at a little restaurant in the West Edmonton Mall. After our supper, we had a few minutes and thought we'd take a quick look and see if the Sony Store had a selection of cases for Paul's shiny new Sony Reader (which we both REALLY like.)

Shoes! As we were walking, I thought I might as well pop into a store or two to see if I could find a nice pair of work shoes, since my new job is a professional wear position with most-of-the-day standing. If prior experience was any indication, I knew it would be a long haul and an expensive pair that fit and was wearable for 8 hours. In the second store I found a nice pair of flats and asked if they had a 10 left. The guy went back, and came back with two different boxes, heralding the first with the fact that it was the last pair, just lurking around the back of the store, in my size. Having tried them on and been pleasantly surprised with how comfy they were, I asked about price - they were on sale for 50% off - making them $50. I figured that met our current financial needs and bought them. Here's a picture of how they look that I Googled.

I am so swamped with stuff to do some days, it's a bit crazy. Tomorrow I have a shoot that I am very much looking forward to with a large extended family - I am someone's birthday present! How cool.

I am also finally going over the extra stuff website for the wedding photography seminar I went to in Calgary a few months back - she signed us all up for a free trial of the site, and it's pretty awesome and has lots of information, so I hope to pore over all that this week. As well as do a million other things - like edit all my photos of the last wedding I did, edit the new photos I'm taking, send in an order to my supplier while they have a sale on...
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I'm a size 9.5 - 10; it's always nice to find a cute, comfortable, affordable pair of shoes. I do sometimes wish I was like a 7 - 8.5 or something because those sizes always seem to be available.
Yeah, I am really hard to fit - and most of the large sizes are narrow, and my feet are really wide and I have a tall instep. It can be a nightmare sometimes.