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Well, here's for my "from school during long breaks" post. I'll cut this so those of you who don't really look for my journal on your list don't have to scroll.

After my rather easy Psych test today, which I am sure I have at least 90 if not 95 on, I waited for my friend Kyle (earlier referred to as "the cute guy from Psychology") to ask him how he felt about his exam. We talked about the exam for a little while, and he was like,

CGFP: "Are you doing anything right now?"
Me: *begins to think about squeeing* "Not for awhile."
CGFP: "Well, I've got a little bit of time before my next class."
Me: *still deciding whether to squee* "Okay, what do you want to do?"
CGFP: "Want to go the Kenderdine Gallery?"
Me: OO! *full blown squee* "Yes!"
CGFP & Me: *talk about art and go to the gallery (which is very cool right now, coughstacycough*

Now he was cool before, but now he's definitely going up on the list.

I shall end with a remarkably long list of good things about Kyle:

1. He likes Jazz.
2. He likes Art.
3. He likes being a hick.
4. He's taller than me.
5. He likes hippies. Seeing a hippie camp was a highlight of his summer.
6. He has MSN.
7. He likes me.
8. He's a little bit weird.
9. He knows the rudimentary elements of how to jive.
10. He wants to meet me once a week to go to the Campus Art Galleries.
11. He wants to arrange to go to the Mendel with me.
12. He's a geek. *see icon*
13. He's good at Math.
14. He's a great conversationalist.
15. He picks out random people and has interesting conversations.
16. He lives in an apartment with his sister and last night they went out for slushees.
17. He likes slushees.
18. He wants to learn to paint watercolors.
19. He wears turtleneck sweaters.
20. *forallofyouwhoknowabouttheshoulderbladefetish* Rawr.
21. His favourite song is "Pirates of Saskatchewan."
22. His favourite line is "If you wanna reach the Co-op, Boy, you gotta get by me."
23. He works at the Co-op.

*stamps him with stamp of approval*

Pending Questions which I need to ask at some point:
1. Favourite bands/CDs?
2. Favourite Movies?
3. Will you come to the dance on Friday? Please?


Autumn Nocturne - yeah, I should tell you all about that. There's a dance on Friday night at the Bessborough Hotel (better known as the Bess for all you who don't live here - major Saskatoon landmark like the CN Tower in Toronto) that's a big-band Jazz Formal. I mean,

Jazz + Formal + Dance + Run by Christian College? If I'm not there, it means there were no posters anywhere in the city and like 2 people show up. No kidding. There's supper at Midnight, too. It's so going to rock!!

Yeah. I should just name this post, "Kyle." *does so*

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