Banks Up the Wazoo

It's a double-edged knife
But there's always tomorrow

Oh my, so the last post I made was nearly a week ago because things have been absolutely ridiculous and so much has happened I can barely remember it all. I've spent an awful lot of time working madly at various things I want finished before I start work. About that in a minute.

Sunday was a special day, in that I spent the whole day manically house tidying and cleaning. I made stuffed peppers for Paul and I for supper with fresh herbs. I harvested our onions. I dumpster dived. I cleaned and fixed the rolling kitchen servery/island and I adore it. I still need to repair the one drawer just a little more, but it's looking good as new now in our kitchen and filled with an assortment of kitchen things to make everything easier to access. Paul likes the new furniture as much as I do, and the best part is that it only cost me an hour of work and some screws I had on hand. I was quite proud.

I actually barely remember Monday without help! Let's see, what can I figure out about Monday from my records. I was home most of the day. I shot the offending pigeon with the watergun three times - it was my first shot at an attempt to rid my garden of pests, and I hope it's working. I've been too busy to find out for sure. I called a bunch of places on business, and one in particular, the Wedding store where I was hoping to work this Fall. I left a message for the manager about employment, and she called back saying, "When can you start?" When I said, "Don't you want to interview me?" she said we'd talked a few times and she needed me as staff. I asked about hours and wages and everything works for me - for instance, the store opens at 10am and most of my shifts are 10-6, which is ideal because no day should ever start before 9am and with this job it won't have to. There's a myriad of great reasons why this is a good thing. It's close to home. It's wedding industry and I get to promote myself to some degree.

Shortly after the call from the wedding store, Paul and I spent three hours budgeting every speck of our lives and then had a lovely pasta and sausage supper together with a delicious glass of wine. I am certain that I did a bunch of computer-related work until late that morning as well, but what exactly I did during that time I am not certain.

Tuesday was pretty scheduled as well. In the morning we Skyped with a photographer we know from Saskatoon who gave us some fantastic business advice, and particularly regarding Google Adwords. I'm looking forward to trying out a more educated ad campaign in September, maybe two. After that we had a little time to set up for the Entrepreneur photos for the last time - encouragingly, one of the Entrepreneurs yesterday was interested in a possible partnership, which I hope to pursue. After the Entrepreneur photos we had another bank appointment. *sigh*

One of the only truly nice things about the bank appointments is that almost all the banks are within walking distance and we've walked to them - it's been nice to walk and talk in the sunshine.

We then proceeded to have company! One of Paul's classmates that he's always particularly enjoyed and her husband came over and had supper with us. She brought succulent banana blueberry muffins - and I can say succulent because the blueberries were all liquid goodness inside. Paul made greek salad and baked potatoes and sausages and we had a feast, and then we played Citadels, which remains one of my most favourite games of all time. We all had a great time. Company is a good thing. Again, I stayed up late working on the Entrepreneur photos and the ad for the magazine. (My secondary payment for the work, other than the chance to convert good business people to customers - a full page ad in the special edition of the magazine.)

Today was a stupid busy day in which we had multiple appointments with various banks and spent hours this afternoon going over things for the bridal show, including an absolutely exhaustive and exhausting sounding To Do, To Buy, To Create list. There's one item I want to purchase that's on sale from my supplier, so I need to finish it this week. All the wording is finished, but the design work needs to be done!

I also went for lunch with one of the very first Edmontonian strangers I met over the internet, our third time having coffee despite many attempts at scheduling. We had a lovely time talking and comparing theories on salt/sugar people. (Mine that some of it might be genetic/racial, and hers that sugar people were more likely to like baking over cooking, and salt people were more likely to enjoy cooking better than baking. Unprovable due to lack of manpower, but interesting thoughts all the same!) It was lovely to go eat at a nice restaurant with good conversation with a fellow believer. I'm looking forward to more of a social life.

Today after spending many hours on Admire stuff, around 8pm I went to Staples to order some forms and get some other miscellaneous things that I needed, and then I also checked out the Home Depot which is right across from it. I got a phone message book to try and decrease my losing of little pieces of paper with phone numbers, names, and addresses on them. With both personal and business lives in flux, the message book is going to be well worth the several dollars I spent on it.

After leaving Staples I looked west and spotted a gorgeous sunset, and responded verbally with, "Ooooh!!!" Between me and the sunset was a cute guy around my age who'd just gotten out of his car and he suddenly looked really confused, so I said, "The sunset! It's pretty nice!" He was like, "You're right it is, but I'm kind of disappointed. I was hoping for, "Nice pink shirt!" or something." It was a funny random encounter. I should have thought about flirting briefly but it didn't come to mind. Ah well. =)

Tonight after a reassuring call from one of Paul's relatives assuring us that if the banks can't help us, they can, Paul is much calmer. I am drinking mint iced tea, printing many multiples of stuff for the wedding show since it's ready to go now and I have a lot to do in the next month for it.

There is probably more I could say about these few days, I talked to other people, made other plans - some in excruciating detail... I suppose I should mention the other casual part time job as well. I am planning to take a course in mutual funds to become a legally able "contractor" for a contract writer/explainer for a financial company, which should give me flexible work that pays well. Three jobs and having a life? I can certainly try!
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