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Harvest Day

You may remember an earlier post about Paul and I having planted onions - well, here's the crop! I left a few in to grow a bit longer in case they have aspirations to be big and strong onions. =)

Today so far has consisted mostly of gardening (re-potting the one plant I have a large pot for, reaping onions, and picking some herbs for supper tonight.) I have also been tidying the house a little at a time while listening to some upbeat new-to-me music. We also attended our new church for the second time, and I hope to have a blog post about the inspiration I had from the service today. The best thing I can say about this church is that it's not a place for stagnant people. Everything about what they're doing encourages you to get involved and improve yourself, your spirituality, and more importantly, the lives of others.

These things remind me that life has simple and inexpensive pleasures that I should pursue more often for my own sanity and happiness.
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