Charlie Brown AUGH


Party rockers in the house tonight,
Everybody just have a good time
And we're gonna make you lose your mind,
Everybody just have a good time

You know that saying, when it rains it pours? I kinda feel like I'm living it. (Also, there has never been a better time for this Charlie Brown icon.)

We've had bad news on so many fronts, it's been really overwhelming. I had to fight with my camera at the wedding I was shooting all day today and took an average of a third more photos than usual because there's something very wrong with my autofocus. I've had some issues since I got it, but today was the worst ever. Thankfully the couple I'm working with is quite laid back and I have hundreds of awesome photos from the day. It's just my own disappointment and frustration with having a terrible equipment experience dogging me. And the few awesome photos I did miss - ones I would have wanted more for my portfolio than for the couple usually, but still. =(

As Paul said, this proves I am a pro, because I remained calm, took the extra photos required, used manual and spot focus whenever possible (which a non-pro wouldn't even have as an option, most likely) and came out of the day with a lot of excellent photographs. Thanks be to God.

In other disappointing photography moments, yesterday I got an email from a client who was unhappy and cancelled substantial dollar amounts of further services. It was really disappointing to hear that they thought there were only "3 or 4 really good shots" from their whole engagement session - one others had commented on as really nice. Guess you can't please everyone.

Shortly before that I got a cancellation notice email from the Mexico destination wedding that I had thought was in the bag - something came up and they don't think they can afford it. Maybe this will change, but until then, sad faces all around. Today I hit my head against the wall (lightly) a few times. It was warranted. I only ever do that on special occasions. Ugh.

In better news... Another very successful photographer friend who's had a lot of great things happen with Google Ads has an appointment with us this week to go over ways to create a good ad campaign. We have a handy $100 free card to Google Ads that Paul just got in the mail the other day, so we'll probably utilize that and see what we can do in advertising for the future! I do have two "comp" ads - ads in payment for services - coming up in high profile magazines, so hopefully that might also result in some business.

Due to the crazy financial badness that's been happening a second time (see SGI nightmares), I've been applying for many different jobs, and many different types of jobs as well. Therefore I may shortly be taking an intensive course in financial securities for a job I mass-interviewed for this morning - a contract writer. I am definitely interested in pursuing the opportunity, since their busiest period is my least busy, and it's a very flexible job that pays well (being in finance and all.) That's about all I have to say about that, other than that I might be studying an awful lot of legalese over the next month... Which is both good and bad. Not my favourite thing to do, although typically I don't mind taking classes on things. I do think that having a job where I have to get fairly manageable things perfect all the time will help me to feel accomplished and secure. The idea appeals to me for that reason, plus the great fit it has into my life. Oh, and it also involves explaining things, which I feel I excel at, and it seems their market is growing, so that's good for me.

Now for the stuff about our vacation!

Janta took us out in our last day on Thursday in a small family boat with a rattling outboard motor and some oars, and we toured around the channel her family house backs up onto as well as the lake (Lake Okanagan). I did not see the Ogopogo, which makes me truly sad, but alas, it is a rarity.

We also had a nice tour of the Mission Hill Winery, which boasts a bell tower and currently some vaguely interesting semi-abstract sculpture by one Parisienne Nathalie Decoster. There were also mini grapes on the vine, growing, which is just cool no matter how you look at it. (I originally wrote that as "graves" which is a bad and sort of science-fiction-y typo.) I have pretty pictures, which I will try to put up this week sometime.

I should mention, because of previous in-jokes, that I had a long conversation about how proud I was of the chemistry accomplishments of a particular Drew I know, and how awesome a person he is. I was describing his coolness in detail after the synchrotron in Saskatoon came up. (Man, that really is the coolest science word ever.)

This was, without a doubt, the most relaxing vacation we've ever had. It was really what we needed, and though it was dampened by bad news that threatens the ease of our future, it was a step towards being okay. I know I personally feel better adjusted afterwards, and I think Paul does too.

Pray for us, though. We're pretty scared of the future right now. It went from looking really promising to looking a bit like a jail sentence to really hard work and debt. Not fun.
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