stomping on things

Vacation Aftermath

And it goes on and on and on...

Things are happening! Flights have landed! Ears have popped!

Cookies are being baked!
Family photos are being taken! (I recently decided I wasn't taking enough photos at home. Situation about to be rectified!) Quotes are being said:

Paul: "I don't WANT to abort making cookies! I am ANTI-ABORTION!"

Paul again, later: "I want minions. Maybe we can get them cheap at Ikea. They'll be Swedish minions, so their English might not be so good... But they'll be really organized."

Vacations are being celebrated - sorry, haven't got around to editing those photos yet, but there's lots to tell later about wings and our boat ride and awesome used bookstore tour and trip to Mission Hill winery and stuff when life slows down this week. Paul wasn't able to land any work this week, so we're going to be focusing on spending time with each other and doing things that must be done. So remind me to blog about our last few days in Kelowna/Westbank if I forget.

Paul's got me hooked onto the 90's movie of The Shadow, which I am told was an excellent 1920's noir radio show. Had to cut it short tonight because I was getting tired and had things to do. (I am multi-tasking them even now.) Shame about the visuals being absent back when it was a radio show, as the dresses in this show are breathtaking. There's actually one that I would totally have made for me (if anyone Netflixes, it's the blue dress the singer wears in the first meeting with the Uncle...) It's so much cheese! And it has awesome incongrous scenes! I quite like it. 20's dresses are seriously the greatest though!

Tomorrow I shoot a wedding, and go to a group interview for this casual job I'm a bit interested in. Guess which one I'm more excited about? =)

Two pieces of mail arrived today - the first was a couple of books from Amazon that we'd ordered with free shipping (C.S. Lewis' The Great Divorce and Rob Bell's controversial but really cool Velvet Elvis.) The second was even better - a way to make some physical reading material obsolete! After forever, Paul finally got his coveted large red Sony Reader in the mail - and it's faster and more responsive even than any we've tried either in-store or elsewhere. We're really pleased with it - Paul bought it to read documents for his big thesis paper this year instead of printing them all since he finds screens painful. It's going to be an amazingly awesome toy. (Thanks for the birthday cash from both sides of the family!)

The End, for tonight. More things will happen tomorrow!