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Fruit-Picking Day

I'm feelin' so fly like a G6

Our time in B.C. so far has been a wonderful vacation. Yesterday, our first day here, was so relaxing. After a flight that made our ears hurt a bit but was otherwise uneventful, we were greeted at the airport by Janta, grinning ear to ear. (We couldn't hear very well at the time, so she might have been saying something about how happy they were to have us.) We met her Mom and had coffee at Tim's, and we discussed health care reform a little. Janta's family home is a truly wonderful space that backs out onto a garden and dock to a canal leading onto the lake. Paul saw an osprey carrying a fish that it had caught, and I saw a blue heron! Also, we have seen many ducks. Ducks are very cute.

Janta's family is cool. They actually live in Westbank, not Kelowna proper. Her one sister can meow like a kitten so perfectly that you keep looking for the cat! They are a lot of fun. The song in the title is because we watched two different parodies of that song on YouTube after supper... We have been plied with sustenance since the moment we arrived, eaten home-made bread, barbecued prime rib, and all manner of other awesome things. We're being thoroughly taken care of and it's making the vacation awesome.

Paul picked a plum from the plum tree in their yard, and he had his very first positive picking-fruit-from-a-tree experience (not involving berries or sour apples.) Paul is extraordinarily excited at the prevalence of fruit in this house and this province. Today we picked apricots from several trees in the yard of an elderly couple. He gave us his business card - a former insurance salesman, all things relating to his business had been neatly crossed off with a black pen and a ruler, leaving his name and home phone number that we could call for setting up appointments involving his proud, fruitful apricot trees. I have a fantastic photograph of Paul picking fruit off an Okanagan tree for the first time - complete with an old wooden fruit-picking ladder and a metal bucket. We also had a wine tasting at the Beaumont estate - both of our first ever official estate wine tasting at a small estate winery. We purchased a very nice rose wine that we liked. They have musicians come in to play at their winery, sometimes just randomly because people have found out about it. It's pretty cool.

In other firsts, Paul had never been on a hammock before! They have a lovely two-person hammock here, in fact, you might be able to even fit three! Paul and I really enjoyed cuddling on the hammock in the sun by the lake. Paul's take on this in his tired state: "Lake good!"

We had ice cream at Ogo's in Penticton today, which was great ice cream, and has given me the opportunity to tell people I saw Ogopogo in B.C. when I came - oddly enough, someone Janta's family knows has some of the best video footage ever taken of the lake monster. I had a huge lake monster phase when I was a kid, so it would be pretty much the best thing ever if I got to see the lake monster here.

Not surprisingly, Janta and I stayed up for hours last night talking and praying over our lives and feelings. It really proves just how wonderful a friend she is and how much we care for each other.