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Garage Sale!

Today's music is the sound of a squirrel running around his home tree, a breeze blowing, and clouds floating across the sky.

Today I made $55 at the shared Garage Sale! I sold a bunch of random things. I sat in the sun sometimes, and the shade sometimes. I chatted with some folks - particularly Paul's boss at his part time job, whose driveway I was using part of! Paul actually worked the whole time, taking care of their daughter. I talked about currency with a British lady. Sat in the sun. Sat in the shade. Wandered about the driveway. Bought something from the homeowner's side of the garage sale, sold her some stuff from mine... =)

Mostly, I just had fun. For some reason I have really good associations with garage sales - it's a fun environment. There's something therapeutic about getting rid of some of the random stuff that's been lying about. My favourite sale of the day was selling my rollerblades to a girl - they fit her well and she was really pleased to have a nice pair so she had another wheel choice other than her bike. It was good to see them go to someone who was going to use them.

Paul and I shared a lovely supper this evening, and then I had a bubble bath, since I had both the time and inclination. Sadly, the book I was reading did not improve as I had hoped it might, and the Library's crappy summer hours are going to prevent me from getting a book I had on interlibrary loan that I really wanted to read on vacation. Guess maybe I'll have to read a book I actually own? =)

Tomorrow the plan is to try out yet another new church - I am currently listening to the pastor's sermon from last week, which we'd originally wanted to go to but were a bit wiped out and didn't make it out. I am finding the pastor's sermon interesting and relevant - the sermon is on politics, and he talks about us being "dual-citizens" of the kingdom of God and the land you live in, and how Jesus' ministry was in some ways both political and apolitical. It's a sticky subject and I feel like he's giving me a lot to think about on the subject and espouses similar views to what I believe in certain areas, but fleshed out a great deal. So points to this church for great speaking and rhetoric, and I truly hope that we'll find the music and the fellowship to our taste as well. Paul has also been listening to a Catholic theologian speaking on a number of topics - notably, he seems to be one of the foremost modern Catholic theologians, and he used to be a militant anti-Catholic. Paul's been pleased with what he's heard so far, and I'm looking forward to listening myself.

Tomorrow we have two other plans - seeing the Harry show, which I bought tickets for online today in advance, and going to watch a soccer game. I just printed out over ten pages of basic rule information for Paul and I to look over. Free tickets for watching outdoor sports on a lovely day and learning about a sport? Sounds good to us.

Mere hours to seeing Janta and enjoying boating on the lake with both her and Kori and fruit picking in B.C! Yay!
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