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Stop to Smell the Elephant Ears

It's the eye of the tiger
It's the cream of the crop

Today has been quite an up and down kind of day. We've recieved some bad news about our bank loan (Read: Royal Bank outright lied to us, and it is not even a little bit okay.) and it's making every penny seem precious. Which is great considering I have probably over a hundred items I'm hoping to sell at the garage sale tomorrow, and I would be super happy if we made even $20.

Still incredulous that our trip to B.C. is happening in two days. It has definitely NOT sunk in.

This morning I got up to create some great images with three other lady photographers - and we had SO much fun. I have taken photos with a friend's Canon 5D, people have taken photos with my camera, we've synced a light - one of my co-shooters is a self-professed pack rat and brought two cool chairs, a suitcase full of gear, a light and a million pound battery power source. That just helped up make cool photos. There's a ton of photos of me, so I hope to find one or two good promotional/FB photos of myself. Despite my mere 20 minutes of getting ready (including clothing choice, makeup, and the taming of the hair) I managed to look good. I really had fun. Definitely something to do again - and more ladies to get to know better!

I also did a couple more Entrepreneur shots today - and one poor gent missed his appointment and called me just as I'd disassembled everything half an hour later because he was last on the list. Whoops.

The Edmonton Fringe - or, Fringeopolis

Paul and I had a fantastic evening at the Edmonton Fringe. Originally I was really disappointed, because the show I wanted sold out (When Harry Met Harry), and then the other show I wanted was cancelled entirely (a Shel Silverstein play). In the end, it was worth it to go even without those shows! We even got our audience participation in when the best performer of the evening high-fived us right at the beginning of the show.

Dear Brent,
You're totally going to find this by Googling yourself someday. When you do? Know that you are cool, and I respect you - which I don't think I've ever been able to say about a street performer before.
High Fives,
Your New Fan

Usually I find street performers really crass and not terribly funny, with tricks too sparse and talking too much - and that was true of all the street performers we saw today - save one. He was, hands down, the funniest street performer I have ever seen, and his tricks were cute and impressive, he made very few mistakes (and had jokes to save the others, like "ground juggling in slow motion") - and I will tell you his name, because if you get a chance to see his show in Edmonton or otherwise, DO. He is Brent McCoy - with The Real McCoy Show.

 A very nice selection of blown glass pieces were one of the highlights of our Fringe-walk - I can't imagine having to transport a tent-worth like that! My experiences moving art have been crazy enough.

Jennifer Main's creative and inspiring artwork was definitely the big vendor highlight though. Jennifer's works are SO cool - I think I could best describe them as somewhere between cubism, surrealism, and folk art, and a lot of them are Christian-themed. Unfortunately, the one Paul and I liked the very best doesn't seem to be listed on the website or I'd show it to you - it features a man fishing for a heart and has an inscription that talks about looking for hope. I would really love to own one of her pieces someday. I wish we had the money to get one now, but I REALLY WILL OWN SOME SOMEDAY.

Dear Jennifer,
If you Google yourself... you're really cool, and paintings aren't usually my thing! And I swear I will try to own some of your art someday. =) You're inspiring!
Another Artistic Person

Lastly on the Fringing note, and definitely not least, we had a perfectly delicious enormous elephant ear. We were covered in powdered sugar and it was totally worth it. This must be noted because the experience of eating a good elephant ear is right up there on my "awesome life experiences to be repeated frequently" list.

We plan to go back to the Fringe one more day and take in that Harry show. Read the tagline if you want to know why: "A subtle satire about life in an age of personal development seminars." It sounds REALLY funny, and has best of show awards for several large theatre festivals.

In other news, there was a fireworks show in downtown Edmonton today that Paul and I had the good fortune to catch part of. I have no idea what it was for, but we really love our balcony here. I think no matter where I live, I'm always going to have some nostalgia for this apartment.

By the way, I love my husband dearly. He makes life worthwhile. I am also SO glad to have him back after that nasty cold took him for a loop too. We're both feeling vulnerable about the money situation, but we're not going to make any rash decisions. We'll figure things out. God will provide for us - He always has.

I finally got around to hanging my panorama of Saskatoon in the house here - which required the moving of our wedding photos to the other wall, and more finishing nails. But now they're both up - as well as my sleeping woman painting. Paul will be glad, he's wanted the Saskatoon pano up for months, and I just never got around to it.

In productivity news, my total dredge of the computer has freed up almost HALF the disk space. That's 472 GB free after having been FULL. This makes life so much easier.

A quick sketch on an envelope at 5am after my insomniac night yesterday led to inspiration (a usual occurrence, but not terribly pleasant sometimes what with the lack of sleep and all) has morphed into a cost-effective and compelling advertisement for Invitation design that I'll be using for my space at the wedding dress store where they've agreed to host my materials, and at the wedding tradeshow that's coming up in a month. Crazyness. Just a few (read: 10 or so) more hours of work and I'll have that display ready to go. Still hoping to get the part time job there over the Fall/Winter months as well.
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