sick homestar

We've Got the Bug

Today I finally got some client-centered work done! The previews of the shots I did of Paul's cousin and her fiance are up: Saskatoon Engagement Photos - Boffins - U of S and so are the Vow Renewal Ceremony Photos - Saskatoon - Living Hope Church! Sorry about the links being more descriptive than pretty, they're just helping me build a good solid internet base. =)

Hopefully soon I'll also have the rest of the shots I have from Image Explorations 2011.

The reason I haven't been posting daily is that I got REALLY sick. And now it seems Paul has inherited the same cold that I had, and it is not fun. Sample side effects may include nasty sinus headache, dizziness, malaise (the medical term for feeling like crap), fever, and more fun stuff like that. It took me down for days. The most I got done for about three days was probably several hours of photo sorting, one bit at a time. I made a nice little migraine cave in the bedroom and spent most of my time laying about in there. I did manage to read a book or two, watch more Hotel Babylon, listen to an episode of This American Life which featured a cute exposé on writing breakup songs. That's about the extent of my doing anything. I was so sick the first day that I barely had the energy to make myself food. Not that I was hungry. 

At any rate, after losing most of my week I felt quite behind. Thankfully Paul picked some items up for me when I wasn't feeling well, and my portraits of some of the folks up for the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards went well today - one of the gentlemen even gifted me with four tickets to the Edmonton Soccer league team game on Sunday, a team which it seems he pretty much owns. So, Edmontonians, on behalf of this very nice gentleman, I shall encourage you to go see some Edmonton-based semi-pro soccer. Paul is interested in going, and I confess I kind of wonder what all the fuss is about soccer back in The Homeland (read: Europe) so I think we shall go, and invite the sister and brother-in-law too. I thought ahead and am going to request a library book that purports to discsuss soccer history, rules, and ideas in plain language. (I can't request it right now. Silly overnight maintenance.) I can feel my horizons broadening! I'll also be meeting some more of those entrepreneurs over the next few weeks. Hopefully some of them will become clients as well.

My issues with computer storage have finally reached critical mass. On discovering today that, yet again, I have about 6 gigs left on my 1TB computer, I put my nose to the grindstone. First, I deleted Paul's account, which had a duplicate 170 GB archival folder laying about. I killed a few giant Adobe programs I never use. I emptied out my Downloads folder. And now I am attacking the mountain and archiving all my photographs from before this summer. Since I've happily settled down at Photoshelter and I'll be using new work for any portfolio printing I do this year, I really don't need, oh, about 700GB of photos lying around on my main drive.

And those are the main things I have to say! Also, it has been far too hot in our place, what with the summer sun finally arriving. Paul and I both had cold showers today to try and take the temperature down a few notches. We got in and had the water at lukewarm and kept turning it down and down. And I wasn't even freezing when I left the shower, but I sure felt more human!